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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Westworld including all of the released episodes of Season 2 so far)

Westworld has been messing with time since its start in 2016 and with the start of Season 2, the showrunners (Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy) have done it again. The timeline in Westworld: Season 2 is extremely confusing and complex so I have put together the below timeline. I will be updating this timeline with the release of each new episode on an ongoing basis. Also, as a warning, this is not 100% reliable, especially in relation to the Bernard/Elsie timeline, but I have done my best and advice and suggestions are more than welcome. The event that I am most unsure about is the discovery of James Delos 149 by Elsie.

If you are having trouble viewing this image, there is a zoomed in video below

The showrunners’ decision to split the timeline in Season 1 was partially what kept the show so interesting and resulted in the final reveal that William was, in fact, the Man in Black (MIB in the above timeline). The theories buzzing around the time discrepancy were part of what made the show so successful. With masses of people rewatching every episode to pick up every clue, it became somewhat of a challenge to predict what could be happening in the show.

WW wallpaper
[Credit: HBO]
Jonathan Nolan has said that they will continue to drop hints and foreshadowing throughout season 2 and they have done. Every week, the internet thrives on new theories and questions. This means there must be a reason for splitting the timeline further in season 2 other than confusing the audience and providing background information. There must a be a big reveal in the future of the show (presumably related to the elusive ‘door’ that the season is named after) and it is our job, as the audience, to figure out what is coming. If you are having trouble viewing the above image, here is a scrolling video of the timeline.


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