The One Mistake ‘Doctor Sleep’ Made [SPOILERS] – ScreenHub Entertainment

Doctor Sleep is a great movie. Directed by Haunting of Hill House chief Mike Flanagan, it respects and honours both Stephen King’s original novel, The Shining and the Stanley Kubrick adaptation and also functions as an independent sequel. No easy task. The narrative follows Danny Torrance, years after the events at the Overlook Hotel and explores the more supernatural aspects of the Shining power. Nefarious … Continue reading The One Mistake ‘Doctor Sleep’ Made [SPOILERS] – ScreenHub Entertainment

‘Doctor Sleep’ Review – ScreenHub Entertainment

“Here’s Johnny!” We all remember those words mentioned by a Jack Nicholson completely consumed by dementia, an axe in his hand, in the masterpiece horror The Shining (1980) of the great Stanley Kubrick. This film is much more than a classic of the seventh art, it’s now a true icon of popular culture. A film of great complexity and a rare genius for some, an … Continue reading ‘Doctor Sleep’ Review – ScreenHub Entertainment