How Hollywood Dilutes Diversity – ScreenHub Entertainment

The onset of 2018 brought its own set of disruptions that upset society’s normally peaceful façade. With such disorder came a surge of change that has yet to show any signs of slowing. Among these controversial conversations were political talks centred around a push for equality of all kinds – equality for racial minorities, for women, for the LGBT+ community. While none of these topics have emerged as novelty ideas, previously unfamiliar to humanity, their importance has been widely disregarded throughout history by people in positions of power. Politicians, the media, and the big businesses alike have turned a blind eye to the most marginalized groups in society; yet, as this new era dawns, many are determined to give prominence to those whose lives are too often neglected.

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Where ‘God of War’ Should Explore Next – ScreenHub Entertainment

In 2018, God of War was released on the PS4 to universal acclaim and became a best seller overnight. It boosted sales of the PS4 console itself and proved to naysayers that singleplayer gaming isn’t dead. The 2018 edition of the game saw a lot of advancements made, from an emphasis on story and character to a semi-open world structure that encouraged exploring and sidequests. The new game took the action from Ancient Greece, where the original trilogy and its spin-offs took place and brought Kratos, the border-line villain from the original games and thrust him into the realm of Norse mythology, along with the responsibility of being a single dad. It was quite the shift and critics and fans loved it. Now with the sales and reception being so positive, it’s only a matter of time before a follow-up title is announced. So where should Kratos and his son explore next? While it seems that the next game will continue to be set in the Norse Pantheon, the studio is looking to the future and considering other locales to bring the God of War to.

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Nintendo Reveals That Mario Will Be Coming To The Big Screen Again With The Help of ‘Minions’ Studio – ScreenHub Entertainment

Mario and Nintendo had an extremely successful 2017, thanks to the release of Mario Odyssey on the Switch. But the fun doesn’t end there for the popular video game studio-or its lead mascot. It was confirmed today that the video game giant Nintendo will be partnering with Illumination Studios, the minds behind Despicable Me, Minions and the upcoming Grinch reboot, to give us a new film starring our favorite Italian plumber.

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