How Hollywood Dilutes Diversity – ScreenHub Entertainment

The onset of 2018 brought its own set of disruptions that upset society’s normally peaceful façade. With such disorder came a surge of change that has yet to show any signs of slowing. Among these controversial conversations were political talks centred around a push for equality of all kinds – equality for racial minorities, for women, for the LGBT+ community. While none of these topics have emerged as novelty ideas, previously unfamiliar to humanity, their importance has been widely disregarded throughout history by people in positions of power. Politicians, the media, and the big businesses alike have turned a blind eye to the most marginalized groups in society; yet, as this new era dawns, many are determined to give prominence to those whose lives are too often neglected.

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Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Problem – ScreenHub Entertainment

Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels have attracted much controversy. Some have praised them as fresh and innovative, while others have criticized them as unrecognizable from the original classic. Longtime fans have nitpicked both Prometheus and Covenant, but nitpicks are often symptomatic of a much larger issue. The biggest complaint fans had with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant wasn’t character development, plot holes, or even the series moving away from the Alien itself. It was the gradual stripping away of the unknown.

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Can Sony’s “Spider-Verse” Work Without Spider-Man? – ScreenHub Entertainment

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Jared Leto would star in a film about Morbius the Living Vampire, the sometimes villain, sometimes anti-hero character from the Spider-Man comics. The film is set to be directed by Daniel Espinosa, who most recently worked on Life. The news came just days after it was revealed that Sony was also considering going ahead with a Silk spinoff, another character from the Spider-Man roster and who actually has already appeared in the MCU with Spider-Man: Homecoming in a way. With Venom on the horizon and word of a potential Silver Sable and Black Cat film in the works, one has to wonder if all these Spider-Man related films can work in a universe without Spider-Man?

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Music or Morality: What Takes Priority? – ScreenHub Entertainment

At a time when a musician’s image is arguably just as important as the actual work they produce, is it possible to separate person from music? This is question many are asking themselves right now, but the resulting answers seem to be cracking the very foundation of pop culture; people are not hesitant to give their opinions on the matter, falling victim to a divisive debate over the sensitive subject of morality and whether or not this has any place in the music industry.

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Why Disney Should Do A Live Action Remake Of ‘The Black Cauldron’-ScreenHub Entertainment

Disney’s is going full steam ahead on its live action remakes. We’ve seen hits like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast in recent years and have The Lion King, Aladdin and Tim Burton’s Dumbo on the horizon. But as the remakes continue, it’s clear that Disney is clearly focusing the greatest hits from its catalog. And while that’s likely the best move financially, as more people will likely go see something they enjoy already, I think Disney should go deep into the vault and pull The Black Cauldron from out of the darkness.

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Easter Eggs, Theories, And More From The First Full ‘Halloween’ Trailer – ScreenHub Entertainment

Since the trailer for Blumhouse’s upcoming sequel to Halloween made its debut, many fans have been eager to analyze it, seeking out the numerous references not only to the original film, but every other film in the long running series. Here are just a few moments that recall some of the series’ most popular moments. Halloween Of course no Halloween trailer would be complete without … Continue reading Easter Eggs, Theories, And More From The First Full ‘Halloween’ Trailer – ScreenHub Entertainment

Will ‘Halloween’ Bring Redemption to Laurie Strode? – ScreenHub Entertainment

Since Jamie Lee Curtis announced her return to Halloween last year, fans have been clamoring to see Laurie Strode back in action. The recent trailer only hyped her return even further. Strode remains one of the genre’s most beloved heroes, and a rare example of a protagonist who became just as iconic as the villain she faced. In this new film, Laurie is portrayed as a … Continue reading Will ‘Halloween’ Bring Redemption to Laurie Strode? – ScreenHub Entertainment

‘Roseanne’ May Be Over, But Racism Is Not – ScreenHub Entertainment

Absolutely everything today is public – every post, every text, every email, every tweet. In our internet-obsessed world, humanity is permanently connected through each individual’s digital footprint. It is no longer uncommon to wake up to a seemingly endless string of tweets made by anyone from world leaders to the primary faces of pop culture. However, at what point can we draw the line between free speech and ignorant oversharing? On May 29th, this sensitive issue was brought to light on a global scale and under unfortunate circumstances.

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New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Hitting This December, So Who Is Miles Morales? – ScreenHub Entertainment

There’s a good chance you’re only a fan of the big screen versions of Spider-Man. Also known as Peter Parker, the character has been played by no less than three actors in fourteen years. But Sony recently dropped a full trailer for their next Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film and behold, the hero isn’t Peter Parker! But just who is he?  Continue reading “New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Hitting This December, So Who Is Miles Morales? – ScreenHub Entertainment”

Aged Michael Myers Revealed in First ‘Halloween’ Images – ScreenHub Entertainment

Late last night, the first official images from Blumhouse’s 2018 production of Halloween were released. A sequel to John Carpenter’s seminal classic, the 2018 film was directed by David Gordon Green, and saw the return of Carpenter as a producer and creative consultant, Jamie Lee Curtis as the leading lady, and Nick Castle as the notorious slasher, their first collaboration since the original. What do … Continue reading Aged Michael Myers Revealed in First ‘Halloween’ Images – ScreenHub Entertainment