Why ‘Aliens’ Didn’t Turn The Monster Into A Space Bug – ScreenHub Entertainment

Though considered a classic, James Cameron’s Aliens isn’t without its critics. A sequel to Alien, one of the most persistent criticisms of Cameron’s film was that it de-mystified the creature. Its approach is said to lack the personality of the original beast, dumbing it down to an unintelligent animal that more closely resembled an insect. While certainly an issue found in various comic book and … Continue reading Why ‘Aliens’ Didn’t Turn The Monster Into A Space Bug – ScreenHub Entertainment

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Problem – ScreenHub Entertainment

Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels have attracted much controversy. Some have praised them as fresh and innovative, while others have criticized them as unrecognizable from the original classic. Longtime fans have nitpicked both Prometheus and Covenant, but nitpicks are often symptomatic of a much larger issue. The biggest complaint fans had with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant wasn’t character development, plot holes, or even the series moving away from the Alien itself. It was the gradual stripping away of the unknown.

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The Truth About ‘Alien 5’ – ScreenHub Entertainment

For the last four years, few films have been as talked about as Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5. Taking place after James Cameron’s Aliens, Blomkamp’s project told of an alternate fate for Ellen Ripley where Hicks and Newt were still alive and the three of them would face off against Ripley’s extraterrestrial foe one final time. Shortly before the release of Alien: Covenant, however, the film … Continue reading The Truth About ‘Alien 5’ – ScreenHub Entertainment

Why ‘Alien: Isolation’ Is One Of The Best ‘Alien’ Sequels – ScreenHub Entertainment

When the highly anticipated Alien: Covenant was released in 2017, reaction to it was not what the filmmakers hoped. It underperformed at the box office, proving very divisive amongst longtime fans who felt it was almost unrecognizable as a part of the long-running science fiction/horror series. It left many to wonder if now is the right time to put Alien to rest. Is there really any life … Continue reading Why ‘Alien: Isolation’ Is One Of The Best ‘Alien’ Sequels – ScreenHub Entertainment

AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Looks Terrifying – ScreenHub Entertainment

There’s a new show coming to amc this spring, but despite being home of hit shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, their didn’t seem to be much talk of their next horror epic. Upon discovering it though, I can’t wait to see this chilling tale unfold and if you’re a fan of horror, suspense and history, then you may want to mark your calendars.

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