Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Image of Herself on New ‘Halloween’ Set, Carpenter Teases ‘Great Part’ for Actress – ScreenHub Entertainment

Excitement is growing for the new Halloween as production moves onward, and it’s looking like both Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter are right back at home in the series that turned them both into superstars.

On January 30th, Curtis shared the first image of herself in character as Laurie Strode, standing alongside director David Gordon Green after the completion of the first day of principal photography.

Laurie Halloween

The image was accompanied by a tweet, which read “First shot! First day. Same slate. Same Laurie. David Gordon Green directing from his script. Happy Halloween 2018 everyone. See you 10/19/18.”

These images are slightly different from those previously shared by Curtis, which showed her with her more recent, shorter haircut. This new image appears more in line with how Laurie appeared in the original Halloween and its first sequel. While this detail may seem minuscule, it does speak of how much director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride want to evoke the same feel as the original, and it gives us one more thing to feel confident about.

But that wasn’t the only news we learned this week. John Carpenter himself also joined in to talk about the project. Carpenter spoke with Rotten Tomatoes, who’d called to apologize about mistakingly saying he’d passed away in mid-January. While speaking with the review website, Carpenter discussed several things such as his love for video games, his recent work in music, and of course, the upcoming film.

“You know I talked about the Halloweens for a long time, the sequels — I haven’t even seen all of them. I don’t even know what really was there — but finally it occurred to me: Well if I’m just flapping my gums here, talking about it, why don’t I try to make it as good as I can?”

When speaking about Green and McBride, Carpenter had this to say:

“They came over to my office, we talked about what they wanted to do with Halloween, and I liked what they had to say. So, off we go. They said they wanted me to do the music, so I said, “Well, okay,” but I’m going to take my son and godson along with me on that one.”

Carpenter also restated his like of David Gordon Green and the script for the new film, and the creative involvement the filmmakers have given him.

“I could offer advice. I could talk to the director. I like the director very much. I like the script. So, you know, stop throwing rocks from the sidelines and get in there and try to do something positive.”

Carpenter not only spoke about his own involvement, but also talked about Curtis’ return to the series. While Carpenter didn’t go into specifics, he did say he was happy with how the character was written in the script, saying Curtis “has a great part in this new one. A great part. I’m really excited about that.”

Carpenter also complimented Curtis’ work, as the two have remained friends ever since the original film came out in 1978.

“Oh, she’s fabulous. She’s just a fabulous person. I love working with her. I love Jamie, she’s great.”

The new Halloween is set to be released in October of 2018 by Blumhouse.

[Sources: Rotten Tomatoes]

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