How Hollywood Dilutes Diversity – ScreenHub Entertainment

The onset of 2018 brought its own set of disruptions that upset society’s normally peaceful façade. With such disorder came a surge of change that has yet to show any signs of slowing. Among these controversial conversations were political talks centred around a push for equality of all kinds – equality for racial minorities, for women, for the LGBT+ community. While none of these topics have emerged as novelty ideas, previously unfamiliar to humanity, their importance has been widely disregarded throughout history by people in positions of power. Politicians, the media, and the big businesses alike have turned a blind eye to the most marginalized groups in society; yet, as this new era dawns, many are determined to give prominence to those whose lives are too often neglected.

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Did You Know ‘Game of Thrones’ Was Inspired By Real Events? – ScreenHub Entertainment

HBO’s Game of Thrones is without a doubt, the most popular show on television. In fact, it’s one of the most popular shows in television history. It’s full of layered characters with complex backstories, intricate narratives and speculator action that is willing to kill off anyone it sees fit. Oh – and there’s also massive dragons. It’s a land full of magic and wonder; despite the grounded approach to politics and character interactions, but it’s those latter points that draw from the real world. Game of Thrones, and the book series A Song of Ice and Fire may be fictional, but they draw heavy inspiration from some real-world events. So as we await the first trailer for season 8, tune into this in-depth look at the history behind the franchise!

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Music or Morality: What Takes Priority? – ScreenHub Entertainment

At a time when a musician’s image is arguably just as important as the actual work they produce, is it possible to separate person from music? This is question many are asking themselves right now, but the resulting answers seem to be cracking the very foundation of pop culture; people are not hesitant to give their opinions on the matter, falling victim to a divisive debate over the sensitive subject of morality and whether or not this has any place in the music industry.

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