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For the Featured Artist of the Month for October, we have Christopher Moore, known professionally as C. Moore Designs. One of our featured writers, Reel*hit, otherwise known as Sean Gallagher, met Chris by chance and has followed his work with interest. Now seems like as good a time as any to share his work with the rest of you!

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Christopher Moore, I am a Barbadian-Canadian self-taught artist, born to Barbadian parents, and I’ve had the opportunity to live in Barbados and Canada.

What’s your artistic process like?

In general I love to psyche myself up mentally, either talk shop with my fellow artist, flip through various comic related books, or research comic history.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

Whenever I do a portrait, I use a photo reference, and I will “feel” the lines and contours of the various shapes of the portrait in my mind (it’s hard to describe but it’s a mental sequence); this gives me ideas on where to start, and how to execute certain aspects of my portraits.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

In doing my other works, my process can vary. Normally I have a theme or a concept in mind, sometimes I have a complete vision of what I actually want, and I pretty much go with the flow, making my adjustments accordingly.

With that being said, I love working with background noise. Be it music or a TV playing in the background.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

What has drawn you to superheroes, comics and pop culture? 

It started with a combination of Saturday morning cartoons of the 80’s, action figures, comic books, superhero movies and videogames.

As a child, that combination was so cool and exciting, you want what they’re serving, you want to be a part of what’s happening in your own little way, and I guess that’s when I started and kept on drawing.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

Seeing how the comics’ culture has grown in real-time from its infancy, integrating into pop culture, to the point that it’s no longer scoffed at, to being widely accepted today makes it a beautiful thing.

Is there a medium you prefer best, be it sketching, digital, etc?

I don’t have any preferred mediums at the moment, but I love to experiment with various styles and mediums that I can have access to, and I try to be good at whatever I get my hands on.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

What’s your favourite character to draw? 

I don’t have a definitive favourite, but I have a bucket list of characters I’d love to draw someday.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

I know there’s a story behind that Ninja Turtle piece, want to share it? 

A while back, my good friend (and fellow artist) suggested I do portraits of the 90’s movie turtles, so I put a pin on that idea. Months later I discovered Kevin Eastman will be attending the 2019 Montreal Comic-Con,  and  thought it would be a great idea at that time to start working on a Turtles project.

I had thoughts of meeting him, and possibly getting an autograph.

Fast-forward to the Con, the portraits were selling well and on the final day of the con, I was informed that Kevin Eastman will be signing autographs at a particular time. My girlfriend arrived at the perfect time to take care of our booth, while I stood in line to meet Kevin Eastman.

My good friend (whom I mentioned earlier) bought one of my turtle portraits for Kevin Eastman to sign, and upon signing he (Kevin) thought it was my friend who drew it (since they met a few years prior), to which he pointed at me saying “It’s all him man.” And that’s when Kevin and I shook hands. He told me he had been signing several of my turtle portraits, and finally knew where they came from, saying I did a great job.

He signed my Michelangelo turtle portrait; my first favourite turtle from my childhood days of watching the original TV series.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

Having someone who helped create a franchise, set a bar for pop culture, who then inadvertently inspired  generations of artists like myself, complements my work, and then signs it makes it a totally awesome moment.

Do you take commissions or do original works?

I’m in the early stages of commissions, I also do portraits and original works.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

DC or Marvel?

I’m a DC guy at heart, but I love both and Marvel has been killing it.

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

My instagram is @cmooredesigns

My email is [email protected]

[Credit: Cmooredesigns]

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