Why You Should Play: Elden Ring Review [Spoiler Free]

The popularity that the epic fantasy game Elden Ring has maintained since its release has been, frankly, incredible. ScreenHub Entertainment reached out to our gaming shorts contributor Josh to give us his review. After dozens of hours and countless respawns, here are his thoughts on From Software’s Elden Ring.

The Review

Elden Ring might be one of the most well, received and talked about video games, well, ever. I’m Josh with screen Hub Entertainment and, like much of the gaming world, I can’t stop playing Elden Ring. Developer From Software is known for making challenging games, from Dark Souls to Blood-Borne. These difficult RPGs are referred to as Souls-Born games. Known to be tough, but fair, they will put your abilities to the test. 

What makes Elden Ring unique among these titles is that it’s an open-world format. Elden Ring gives you a truly massive world to explore, packed with lore, strange, creatures, and amazing locations. Elden Rings‘ reception and popularity are well deserved. I was not a fan of this type of difficult game. I’m constantly tested and dying, but that sense of satisfaction after a hard-fought victory is like nothing else in gaming. You can check out more coverage on my TikTok page, Why You Should Play. Take care. 

The Game

ELDEN RING is a multiplayer-enabled action RPG title in which players journey through the vast and mystical ‘Lands Between.’ Brave seamlessly connected, multi-layered dungeons as you explore a world brimming with mystery and menace; full of strange encounters and mythological drama. Trace your tale as the ‘Tarnished’ and face the demigods in a bid to become Elden Lord.

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