The Best New Comics This Week: 10/12/22 – ScreenHub Entertainment

As a whole, this week’s comics release might feel a bit lackluster. But the ones I’ve chosen to highlight, are anything BUT. In fact, they contain the MAXIMUM luster and have changed my comic life! The stories will not only make you want to turn each page, but also read with the lights on. They will leave you crying from seeing love in its purest form. Comics can tell any kind of story there is, from horror to romance and everything in between. I recommend you pick up EVERY comic released this week so your soul can grow, but if you can’t, then here are some comics you MUST pick up:

DC Comics

Batman vs Robin #2

[Credit: DC Comics]
  • Written by Mark Waid
  • Art by Mahmud Asrar

If you were anything like me, after reading the first issue of Batman vs Robin you were left confused beyond all reason. Alfred is back, Damian is challenging his father Bruce for the title, and Bruce is seemingly caught off guard in every aspect! However, if you are like me, then that confusion only drives you to pick up the next issue!

The Batman vs Robin series is the culmination of all that has happened in Damian Wayne’s life, and his lineage. We see that Damian is having to work alongside, or probably possessed by, the demon that has been a part of the Al Ghul family since the beginning (if you want any more information on this demon, read the first story arch of Mark Waid’s World’s Finest book, currently out). This issue is going to have dramatic ramifications going forward, not only within the bat family, but the DC universe as a whole. This issue, this SERIES, is not to be missed.

Marvel Comics

Star Wars: Visions #1

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
  • Written by Takashi Okazaki
  • Art by Takashi Okazaki

If you are a fan of Star Wars or manga in ANY fashion, then this comic is for you. I highly recommend watching the Star Wars Visions anime first before jumping into this comic but I promise it will be worth it. Not only will the anime change how you see Star Wars, but this comic adds so much more history and lore to the Star Wars universe.

Okazaki not only continues the story of the episode named “Duel” but dives deeper into these characters and the world around them. His art also is absolutely mind-blowing, and will make you question everything you know about what Star Wars is and what it can be. This book is the best of what Star Wars and what manga can offer.

Independent Comics

Hitomi #1

Credit: Image Comics]
  • Written by H.S. Tak
  • Art by Isabella Mazzanti

Set in feudal Japan, Hitomi is the story of a no-body drifter determined to become something society has told her she could never be… a samurai. Every challenge is set in her way and no one wants her to succeed, but she has nothing left to lose. So this potential warrior pushes forward and convinces a disgraced former samurai master to train her.

This book is beyond words brutal, but at the same time uplifting. You as the reader are rooting for this warrior to succeed even though there doesn’t appear to be any hope at all. Tak’s story is one we have seen before, the underdog, but they make it unique to this character. They turn a classic story into one that feels so new and unique. Mazzanti at the same time uses their art to show how beautiful our warrior’s journey is, even with all the doubt and evil in the world around them. Mazzanti uses art to bring light into the dark. This is definitely a MUST-read.

Graphic Novel

Lore Olympus Vol 3

[Credit: Random House Worlds]
  • Written by Rachel Smythe
  • Art by Rachel Smythe

Lore Olympus is the classic Greek Myth of Hades and Persephone, but with a modern twist that just seems to fit effortlessly. Smythe started this story as a WEBTOON comic and, unsurprisingly, ended up being one of the most popular digital comics of all time. This is the third volume in the story and I hope that you go out and get the first two, because this story needs to be on your shelf and re-read forever.

Of course, this is the classic myth of darkness and light meeting and falling for each other. However, Smythe makes these characters relatable in a way no other author has ever done. This story is charming and adorable, but at the same time is dark and full of loneliness. Her art is beyond amazing. The contrast between her choice of colors and tones is mind-blowing and fits the story perfectly. Lore Olympus is a book series you will want forever and I highly recommend picking up every volume.

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