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A dark and edgy story is something that is all too familiar in the comic genre, however, some have said it is overused. That said, I argue that maybe dark and edgy hasn’t been done “right” and I think this week’s new comics really demonstrate that dark and edgy is something that will forever have its place in comics. Especially this week we have a dark demonic hero, a very confused grim reaper, time-traveling assassins, and the introduction of the more edgy comic characters (of the time)!


[Credit: DC Comics]

Batman/Spawn #1

  • Written by Todd McFarlane
  • Art by Greg Capullo

This is nothing new, except at the same time, it’s absolutely new and exciting! We have seen a Batman/Spawn crossover not once, but twice, and they both have a place in comic history. However, oddly enough, this Batman/Spawn is the first that is solely written by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. This creative team is absolutely legendary as well, with both McFarlane, and Greg Capullo have not only drawn Spawn, but both have drawn Batman. This book benefits greatly from both these amazing comic creators but their expertise is dark and edgy with two of the darkest and edgy comic characters that have ever graced the page of a comic. This one-shot is a must-read.


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Marvel Tales #1: Origins of Marvel Comics

  • Written by Stan Lee
  • Art by Steve Ditko & Jack Kirby

This book is such a fun book and I strongly suggest this to anyone interested in where Marvel came from and more importantly where your favorite characters originally came from. This prestige format comic, reprints several first appearances of Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers. These are Marvel’s tentpole characters that at the time, were edgy and ready to take on the comic industry. I also love this comic for giving the masses an opportunity to fall in love again, with these superheroes that mean everything to some. I will be honest, these reprints are from their time, the 60s, but definitely worth reading.

Graphic Novel

[Credit: Boom! Studios]

Vicious Circle #1

  • Writing by Mattson Tomlin
  • Art by Lee Bermejo

Have you ever read a story about a time-traveling assassin who is after another time-traveling assassin who wronged the first time-traveling assassin so he is out for revenge, AND whenever they take a random life, they are forced to a random time in history? I didn’t think so, this comic is very unique and I am absolutely in love with it. Bermejo is one of my favorite modern comic artists, and his style not only gives you a sense of realism but also is a bit off-putting, like life itself. As you travel through different times, Bermejo changes his style slightly to mimic different artists from that time, which is absolutely beautiful. Tomlin takes a spy/revenge/thriller and gives it an element of sci-fi and pure randomness. It is an action ride with so much emotion and it’s a fantastic story that you need to pick up.

Graphic Novel

[Credit: Boom! Studios]

Grim Vol. 1

  • Written by Stephanie Phillips
  • Art by Flavino

What is more dark and edgy than the grim reaper themself! Well, Grim is a comic series that I, and so many others, have fallen in love with since it originally came out. Everything about this story will hook you: the story, the art, the characters, the dialogue, everything! Grim is about a young woman who wakes up as a grim reaper, tasked with helping souls to the afterlife. However, she has no idea how she died, or what killed her. She needs to find out what killed her but at the same time, she needs to find out where the REAL Grim Reaper has gone. This comic is absolutely a page-turner. You will be begging for the next issue, and lucky for you, issue 6 (the next issue after the trade) comes out the same week as the graphic novel, so if you enjoyed the book run out and grab the next issue. You won’t regret this comic.


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