Summer Walker is Trending on Twitter!-ScreenHub Entertainment

Hi everyone, From a new face (here on Screenhub )with a new style to bring to you news on today’s 3rd trending hashtag on twitter i.e. Summer Walker. If you don’t already know her — she’s chocolate diva singing out her heart and breaking stereotypes with each lyric. Her latest album just came out and fans are going crazy! If you don’t follow her already … Continue reading Summer Walker is Trending on Twitter!-ScreenHub Entertainment

Is ‘Die Hard’ Really A Christmas Movie?-ScreenHub Entertainment

Yippy Kai Yay, Mother….you know the rest. That quote has become one of the most recognizable in cinema and it comes from one of the most iconic and beloved action films of all time. In a time when action heroes were big, buff, fearless and extraordinary, Bruce Willis came along as John McClane, an everyman average Joe who is suddenly forced to into a terrorist … Continue reading Is ‘Die Hard’ Really A Christmas Movie?-ScreenHub Entertainment

Is This The Future Of Online Streaming? – ScreenHub Entertainment

The future is digital. When it started, Netflix was the only competitive name in the international market for online streaming content, offering competitive prices and a wide variety of content. Needless to say, the playing field has changed since 2007. Now, audiences have a wide variety of services to chose from, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go and the upcoming Disney Streaming Service, which will offer original Marvel content and the upcoming, $100 million Jon Favreau Star Was show. There are more top-tier options to chose from as well, including Sling, Playstation VUE and CBS streaming site All Access, which recently revealed Patrick Stuart’s return as Picard in an upcoming Star Trek show. YouTube has gotten into creating original content with Cobra Kai and Apple is looking to create original content by 2019 after investing $1 billion in the venture.

While the cost of streaming still is cheaper than regular cable for most, how long before those combined costs surpass the cost of cable?

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SDCC: Why The ‘Aquaman’ Trailer Didn’t Completely Reel Me In-ScreenHub Entertainment

The big winner at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was without a doubt Warner Bros, dishing out a ton of amazing trailers and news, including a sneak peek at Wonder Woman 1984, a surprise trailer for Shazam!, a look ahead at their TV programs including a look at the DC streaming service, and killer trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald; a contender for best trailer of the show in my opinion. But the clear audience winner was the trailer for Aquaman. At the time of the start of this writing, a day after the trailer debuted, it’s still the number one trending video on youtube. The film is due this December and has only just started its marketing campaign, causing a lot of hype and anticipation around the film. Now that the trailer has surfaced (sorry), let’s talk about it and why it was actually a bit of a letdown.

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How Hollywood Dilutes Diversity – ScreenHub Entertainment

The onset of 2018 brought its own set of disruptions that upset society’s normally peaceful façade. With such disorder came a surge of change that has yet to show any signs of slowing. Among these controversial conversations were political talks centred around a push for equality of all kinds – equality for racial minorities, for women, for the LGBT+ community. While none of these topics have emerged as novelty ideas, previously unfamiliar to humanity, their importance has been widely disregarded throughout history by people in positions of power. Politicians, the media, and the big businesses alike have turned a blind eye to the most marginalized groups in society; yet, as this new era dawns, many are determined to give prominence to those whose lives are too often neglected.

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Can Sony’s “Spider-Verse” Work Without Spider-Man? – ScreenHub Entertainment

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Jared Leto would star in a film about Morbius the Living Vampire, the sometimes villain, sometimes anti-hero character from the Spider-Man comics. The film is set to be directed by Daniel Espinosa, who most recently worked on Life. The news came just days after it was revealed that Sony was also considering going ahead with a Silk spinoff, another character from the Spider-Man roster and who actually has already appeared in the MCU with Spider-Man: Homecoming in a way. With Venom on the horizon and word of a potential Silver Sable and Black Cat film in the works, one has to wonder if all these Spider-Man related films can work in a universe without Spider-Man?

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Music or Morality: What Takes Priority? – ScreenHub Entertainment

At a time when a musician’s image is arguably just as important as the actual work they produce, is it possible to separate person from music? This is question many are asking themselves right now, but the resulting answers seem to be cracking the very foundation of pop culture; people are not hesitant to give their opinions on the matter, falling victim to a divisive debate over the sensitive subject of morality and whether or not this has any place in the music industry.

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‘Roseanne’ May Be Over, But Racism Is Not – ScreenHub Entertainment

Absolutely everything today is public – every post, every text, every email, every tweet. In our internet-obsessed world, humanity is permanently connected through each individual’s digital footprint. It is no longer uncommon to wake up to a seemingly endless string of tweets made by anyone from world leaders to the primary faces of pop culture. However, at what point can we draw the line between free speech and ignorant oversharing? On May 29th, this sensitive issue was brought to light on a global scale and under unfortunate circumstances.

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Brace Yourself – Two Different Joker Movies Are Now In Development – ScreenHub Entertainment

Suicide Squad was no one’s favourite movie. Despite a rockin’ trailer, the film opened to overwhelmingly negative reviews. I myself couldn’t even finish the film, despite initially being excited to see the ensemble piece starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto as the Joker. But the film made a killing at the box office thanks to its impressive marketing campaign that showcased style over substance. Now, one of the most divisive and unusual aspects of that film is getting his own standalone film.

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