Top Movies of 2019 – ScreenHub Entertainment

There are so many movies that come out in any given year and 2019 was one helluva stacked year. It was hard to put this list out and pick just ten but upon serious reflection (seriously, this list is late!), I’ve narrowed it down to ten flicks. Bear in mind, that this is my list and that I’ve not seen every movie to come out … Continue reading Top Movies of 2019 – ScreenHub Entertainment

‘1917’ Movie Review – ScreenHub Entertainment

It’s always interesting to see that war movies do so well during Oscars’ season! Indeed, we remember such recent epics like Hackshaw Ridge (2016), Dunkirk (2017) or even Zero Dark Thirty (2012), all have been remembered for their awesome cinematography, performances and use of sound effects. So much work is needed to recreate the chaotic and dangerous set piece of war, and modern movie resources … Continue reading ‘1917’ Movie Review – ScreenHub Entertainment