Is This The Future Of Online Streaming? – ScreenHub Entertainment

The future is digital. When it started, Netflix was the only competitive name in the international market for online streaming content, offering competitive prices and a wide variety of content. Needless to say, the playing field has changed since 2007. Now, audiences have a wide variety of services to chose from, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go and the upcoming Disney Streaming Service, which will offer original Marvel content and the upcoming, $100 million Jon Favreau Star Was show. There are more top-tier options to chose from as well, including Sling, Playstation VUE and CBS streaming site All Access, which recently revealed Patrick Stuart’s return as Picard in an upcoming Star Trek show. YouTube has gotten into creating original content with Cobra Kai and Apple is looking to create original content by 2019 after investing $1 billion in the venture.

While the cost of streaming still is cheaper than regular cable for most, how long before those combined costs surpass the cost of cable?

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