Breaking News: Jon Favreau Joins The Star Wars Family, What Could It Be? – ScreenHub Entertainment

This just in! Disney announced via that he’s set to executive produce and write a live-action series for the upcoming Disney streaming service.

A live-action TV has been in talks in the Star Wars fandom for years now. Not only has it been something fans have been asking for, but it was something George Lucas was actively working on in 2005. He was hard at work on a proposed series titled Underworld, which would have followed the scum and villainy in the lower levels of Coruscant, the metropolis planet introduced to the big screen in the prequels. It wasn’t just an idea too though, Lucas reportedly worked on fifty scripts, art designers were hard at work with an overall goal of around 400 episodes. Talk about ambitious. But with the scope of the project being a bit too ambitious, the project was put on hold.

With Star Trek: Discovery, The Expanse, and the upcoming Lost in Space, proving that big budget sci-fi epics can work work on the small screen with dazzling effects, it seems Disney is ready to make their move with a galaxy, far, far away. There’s no confirmation that the new show is in fact going to be Underworld, but considering that there’s already so much material finished on the show, it seems like a no brainier to pick off where Lucas left off. It may not be exactly what was originally convinced, as things may need to be updated and reworked, but if one were to make a bet, this would be a sound choice. Of course, Lucasfilm may have a new show cooking in the oven right now for Favreau.

The Expanse [Credit: SyFy]
Favreau is also a very talented filmmaker. He’s basically responsible for launching the MCU with Iron Man, he made the critically and commercially acclaimed The Jungle Book for Disney and is a talented indie director as well, with films like Chef. So it’ll be interesting to see what route Favreau takes with this new series. We likely won’t hear anything about it for awhile though, as Favreau is hard at work on The Lion King, which won’t be out until 2019, making this series’ debut likely in 2020 at the earliest.

What are your thoughts on Favreau working on a live-action Star Wars show? Do you like this idea or would you prefer him directing a film on the big screen? Will this be enough to sign up for Disney’s streaming platform?

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