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Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now and it’s blowing audiences away. It’s been ten years for the MCU now and six years since Thanos was revealed to be the mastermind behind the New York Attack. Well, Thanos is finally here and he’s not messing around. Things went down in the third Avengers film and some of it audiences likely didn’t see coming. The board has been reset and what comes next is anybody’s guess at this point. But in the midst of all the turmoil, some questions arise that will likely be answered in the untitled fourth Avengers film.

Where is the Gauntlet?

At the film’s climax, Thanos makes good on his promise and wipes out half the universe with a snap of his finger. The amount of power needed to undertake that task was scale likely un-quantifiable as the Infinity Gauntlet was left charred and broken after the finger snap. In the final shot, where we see Thanos watching the sunrise, there’s no gauntlet in sight, despite the stones being in working order. There’s a very good chance that he has then tucked away somewhere but the Gauntlet itself is likely broken beyond repair. With his task complete, Thanos doesn’t seem to be too pressed for a new Gauntlet. But we saw a mould for it at the forge. Is it possible the Avengers will build their own Gauntlet and try to reclaim the stones to stop Thanos and undo his madness?

Where are Korg and Valkyrie? 

The film opens up right after the destruction of the Asgardian refugee ship. Loki and Heimdall die here and Thor and Hulk come very close to meeting the same fate. But where are Korg and Valkyrie? Played by Taika Watiti and Tessa Thompson respectively, both Ragnarok characters were on the same ship as Thor but were nowhere to be seen in the destruction. They could easily be dead off screen but there’s a good chance the duo have escaped into deep space and will return in the next installment. If that’s the case though, there’s the question of whether they survived the purge at the end of the film. Seeing as how Valkyrie was one of the best things about Ragnarok, here’s hoping the Asgardian warrior comes back with a vengeance!


Credit: Marvel Studios

Are all those who died after the finger snap really dead?

After Thanos snaps his fingers, half of the universe is wiped out and a lot of Phase 2 and 3 characters go along with them. Spider-Man, Black Panther, Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff all turn to dust and vanish-but are they really gone? The short answer is probably not. First of all, we don’t really know if they’re actually dead or if they’ve simply ceased to exist in the reality/dimension that the MCU takes place in. Another is that if the Time Stone is recovered from Thanos, that will likely be the point of restoration for the Avengers. Anything previous to the finger snap though is likely set in stone. With some sequels already publicly been given the green light, we can assume that they’re going to come back in some way shape or form, or at least most of them will. But wouldn’t it be a crazy plot twist if Marvel was pulling our leg about future projects to cement Infinity War’s story?


Is Gamora really dead?

In order to get the Soul Stone, Thanos had to sacrifice that what he loved most. As it turns out, that was his adoptive daughter Gamora. He flung her off a cliff and was bestowed the Soul Stone. Now, is Gamora truly dead? Part of me wants to say yes, as it was before the finger snap but seeing as Guardians Vol. 3 is happening, I just can’t see it happening without Zoe Saldana’s involvement. There’s also the matter of Thanos venturing into the Soulworld after he snapped his fingers and saw a child version of Gamora. In the comics, the souls of those defeated by the gauntlet were put into the Soul Gem. Perhaps Gamora’s spirit is alive in the stone and could be brought back? She was killed off in order to get the stone after all, which means that she is very likely part of the stone for the time being.  For the sake of the greater narrative, I hope she doesn’t come back to the MCU but I just can’t see this one being permanent from a marketing point of view.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Where’s Hawkeye?

We get a passing comment about Hawkeye and Scott Lang’s status in the film only it’s vague and ambiguous. After the events of Civil War, both of them took a deal and stayed under government protection in order to be with their families. But we know Hawkeye is involved with the Infinity plot somehow as the Russo Brothers have stated that Hawkeye has his own mission for this movie. So is he off on his own right now on a covert quest we’re not privy to or is he really on house arrest being guarded by feds? At this point, what can Renner’s Hawkeye offer the team other than moral support?

What does the Red Skull do now?

Tasked with guarding the Soul Stone, the Red Skull is suddenly free from his decades long post as the Stone’s Guardian. So what now? Did he survive the rapture and if so, is he now a threat on the board for the Avengers to contend with or, even more interesting, is the enemy of my enemy my friend? How insane would it be to see the Red Skull team up with the Avengers to reclaim the stones and reverse the timeline? Yes please?

Credit: Marvel Studios

What questions do you have now that Avengers Infinity War is out? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our review of the film and how the after credit scene sets up Avengers 4!


4 thoughts on “[SPOILERS] The Biggest Questions After Seeing ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ – Screenhub Entertainment

  1. I saw the film again this weekend and I am sure Thanos was wearing the gauntlet in the final scene. My daughter disagrees. My biggest question concerns Steve’s surprise at seeing Bruce return. Didn’t Bruce call Steve?


    1. haven’t had time to see it a second time (yet-hope to fix that soon!) but from what I remember, the glove was heavily damaged and then in the final shot, I remember no gauntlet.
      As for Steve, maybe with all that was going on, he didn’t really believe it was Banner until he saw him (or it’s an honest plot hole)


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