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With the release of not one, but two trailers for Blumhouse’s upcoming sequel to Halloween, things are looking as terrifying as ever. The trailer shows key moments from an impressive stalking sequence that purportedly goes for six full minutes without cuts, but also reveals more of Laurie Strode’s troubled relationship with her daughter. Impressions are still of a film that’s stylish, atmospheric, and striving to create more memorable characters for the audience to root for. But based on a few moments from both trailers, it looks like we may get a glimpse of Michael’s face.


It’s not often that we see The Shape unmasked, though it does happen. People often forget that the original opens with a shot of Michael’s face after he brutally murders his sister. Here he was played by Will Sandin, who not only portrayed Michael during this scene, but also during some scenes shot later for the TV version where Loomis visits the fledgling killer at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.

Seeing an adult Michael without his mask has proven far more elusive, though it has happened even back in the original. In one of the most surprising moments of the 1978 classic, a desperate Laurie Strode manages to pull her attacker’s mask off, revealing a rather normal looking 21 year old underneath.

ScreenHub-Movie-HalloweenScreenHub-Actor-Tony Moran

For this sequence, Michael Myers was portrayed by an actor named Tony Moran. Moran was chosen by writer and producer Debra Hill because, in her words, she felt he had an angelic appearance that went against what audiences expected. Seen above, Moran certainly fit the bill.

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween II

Michael’s face was again seen briefly in Halloween II. While wandering through the hospital, a frightened Laurie Strode uncovers a repressed memory of visiting Michael in the sanitarium. Seen in his teens, Michael was played by an actor named Adam Gunn.

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween 5ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween 5

Michael didn’t show his face again until 1989 with Halloween 5, where he was played by stuntman Don Shanks. In this scene, Michael’s niece convinces him to take off his mask so she can see his face. He complies, and though we only see his face briefly in shadow and a few quick cuts, he once more looks like a perfectly normal person once the costume comes off. Since then, Michael’s face was never seen again in the original series. Michael will be without his mask on several occasions in the new film. The question is how much will we see.


These new trailers show Michael without his mask on several occasions, though his face is concealed. In the international trailer, we see the back of his head, sporting a thinning hairline as well as a beard as he’s spoken to by the documentary crew. Like Tony Moran, the filmmakers seem to have gone for a more ordinary look for the famous killer. Without the mask, he’s not an unstoppable machine. He’s a frail, sixty year old man.


We see him briefly again in the second United States trailer, spying on his sister’s headstone at the local cemetery. We see a good portion of his face here, including a white beard and some of his mouth. Still, it’s not enough to get a full picture. However, we may see Michael’s face later on in the movie, and by the looks if it, it may be one of the film’s most frightening moments.


For those wishing to avoid spoilers, you will want to avoid reading any further. For the rest of you, here is a breakdown of the scene where Michael will be unmasked in the new film. Michael’s face appears to be seen by Allyson, Laurie Strode’s granddaughter, and what’s worse for her is Michael actually uses this to lure her into a trap.


This scene can be pieced together with various shots from the second trailer released yesterday as well as the international trailer released shortly after. The first shot, as seen in the international trailer, shows Michael’s mask discarded on the seat of a police car. This can be seen by the wire mesh pattern and the flashing blue lights. Michael’s bloody hand can be seen reaching towards it to put it back on.


The next moments can be see in the second US trailer. Shots here show Michael, having donned his mask, as he turns menacingly towards Allyson. We can again tell this is the same scene based on the flashing blue lights from atop the car.


At this point, Allyson realizes who she’s in the car with, and backs away in fear. Michael reaches out towards her as she tries to escape. The last we see of this sequence is in the international trailer. The lights of the car blaring, Allyson pounds on the window to try and escape the killer’s clutches. Will she survive, or will this be the end of Strode’s beloved granddaughter?


The idea of Michael disguising himself by taking off his mask is both clever and terrifying. Unlike Jason and Freddy, Michael looks perfectly normal person beneath his facade. That gives him the power to blend in, which makes him even more dangerous.


Given these shots, it looks like we have a very good chance of seeing Michael Myers unmasked for the first time in many years. Given that the character is now 61 years old, that will certainly be interesting. Who will play him in this moment though? Will it be stuntman James Jude Courtney, who plays Michael for most of the movie? Will it be Nick Castle, who played the killer in the original and always joked that he should have played the killer unmasked? Perhaps the producers have brought Tony Moran for a brief cameo? Or maybe someone completely new? We’ll all find out on October 19th who’s the man behind the mask. One thing is certain. If this sequence plays out as it appears, it may prove to be the most terrifying way Michael has ever been unmasked.

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