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When starting a slasher film, most of the time you can bet the majority of the cast will be dead by the end. Halloween Kills appears to be continuing that tradition with a count that will leave previous entries in the dust. While it’s not uncommon to see most of the cast wind up as examples for the effects artist’s demo reel, what sets Halloween Kills apart is the rich ensemble it has put together, consisting of many characters dating all the way back to the 1978 original. From longtime heroine Laurie Strode to long suffering Sheriff Leigh Brackett, Halloween Kills has put together a sea of familiar faces, and since this is a slasher film, it’s a guarantee that not all of them will get out alive.

By the time credits roll on Halloween Kills, who will live and who will die? Lets take a look at out cast and weigh the odds.

Leigh Brackett

Sherriff Leigh Brackett in the original Halloween.

Sheriff Brackett was a memorable character who suffered a great tragedy, one left sadly unexplored in the sequels. For most of the original film, Brackett accompanied Dr. Loomis on his hunt for Michael, while his daughter Annie babysat a young Lindsay Wallace next door to Laurie Strode. During the course of the original film, Annie was brutally murdered, but Brackett wouldn’t learn of her fate until the sequel. When he learned of her death, Brackett abruptly left the film and, aside from appearing in the remake, hasn’t been seen in the series since.

Charles Cypers as Leigh Brackett in a behind the scenes photo from Halloween Kills.

Given the possibilities with Brackett, his return is one of the things that excites me the most, but will those ideas be explored? As appealing as a Leigh Brackett revenge plot would be, lets not get our hopes up too much. While it is confirmed he will appear in the film, his appearance may be very brief. The trailer shows most of the cast members hunting Michael, but not Brackett himself. So either Brackett will have a brief walk on role, or Michael will assist him for his stage exit.

Our bet? Dead.

Marion Chambers

Nurse Chambers is attacked in the original Halloween.

The chain smoking Nurse Marion Chambers was a minor character in the original, but managed to have a respectable run of three films in the original series. One of the witnesses to Michael’s escape, Chambers would aid in the hunt for Michael In Halloween II, and eventually become the caretaker for Sam Loomis as his health began to fail. She would later be murdered by Michael on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the original film, after he tracked her down to find out Laurie Strode’s whereabouts.

Nurse Chambers relives some bad memories in Halloween Kills.

The new series ignores the original sequels, so Nurse Chambers, like Laurie herself, is able to return from the dead. It is likely that she will be someone working at Smith’s Grove, either continuing as a mental health practitioner or perhaps even running the facility, so it makes sense that once more she would aid in Michael’s capture. So how long will Nurse Chambers last? Her brief appearance in the trailer recalls the famous scene from the original where Michael attacks her from the roof of her car. Given how this looks, Chambers may suffer a repeat of her fate in H20.

Our bet? Dead.

Lonnie Elam

Lonnie, in the red jacket, torments Tommy Doyle with the help of his friends in Halloween.

Lonnie Elam was the ringleader of a trio of bullies who tormented Tommy Doyle in the original film. After a confrontation in a school yard where his friends witnessed The Shape, Lonnie would later try to enter the Myers house on a dare, but was quickly frightened away by Dr. Loomis. Lonnie was slated to return in early drafts of Halloween 4, but rewrites eventually excised the character and he hasn’t been seen in the series since then. Lonnie’s return for Halloween Kills will mark the end of a four decades long hiatus.

Cameron, Allyson and Lonnie track Michael in Halloween Kills.

Lonnie already had some involvement in the 2018 film, being the father of Allyson Nelson’s boyfriend Cameron. In this new trailer, Lonnie is witnessed telling Allyson and Cameron that Michael’s trail of victims leads back to his childhood home, leading the three of them to gear up and attempt to hunt Michael down. Given this, it seems Lonnie will have a larger role in this sequel, but he does appear strangely absent from the confrontation at the Myers house. So, either he still couldn’t bring himself to enter the Myers home, or fulfilling that bet from the original was his last act in life.;

Our bet? Dead.

Cameron Elam

Cameron Elam chats with Allyson in the 2018 Halloween.

Cameron Elam has a small role in the 2018 film as Allyson Nelson’s boyfriend. The two seemed to be getting along well, and Cameron even had a friendly chat with Allyson’s father Ray about the times Ray and Lonnie used to spend together. However, following a fight at the Halloween dance stemming from Cameron’s infidelity, Cameron departed from the 2018 film as one of the lucky ones. He makes a return for Halloween Kills, and this time, his lucky may be running out.

Cameron is seen with Allyson and his father Lonnie as the three try and track Michael through Haddonfield, coming to the conclusion he is trying to make his way home. Cameron has decent screen time in the trailer, eventually winding up in the Myers house in search of the killer. The last we see of him is being thrust up against a wall by Michael, and while he may be saved by Allyson, we don’t have high hopes for Cameron’s survival.

Our bet? Dead.

Lindsay Wallace

Lindsay enjoys The Thing (1951) in the original Halloween.

Along with Chambers and Brackett, Kyle Richards will be reprising her role as Lindsay Wallace, the horror loving little girl from Carpenter’s original. Lindsay spent most of the film under Laurie’s care, and was protected from death by the babysitter to live another day. Lindsay had a brief role in Halloween II, and a brief cameo as a friend of Rachel in Halloween 4. Apart from the remake, she hasn’t been seen since. So what would the season have in store for the now grown Lindsay?

Michael attacks Lindsay in Halloween Kills.

Lindsay has appeared in a lot of the behind the scenes footage as well as in the trailer, leading us to believe her role will be fairly sizable, but it also may come to an abrupt end. Her big moment in the trailer is using herself as a distraction to allow some other characters to escape, before also finding herself confronted by The Shape. We here at ScreenHub always liked the character of Lindsay and would like to believe this won’t be her last Halloween, but the way things are looking, it just might be.

Our bet? Dead.

Tommy Doyle

Tommy Doyle in the original Halloween.

Another of the two children from the original was Tommy Doyle, Laurie Strode’s primary charge for that evening and an avid horror lover. Tommy was intuitive enough to realize something was wrong, and spent much of the original trying to warn Laurie of the ominous figure outside. Aside from a brief role in Halloween II, Tommy would return as a leading character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, where he was played by a young Paul Rudd. In this latest film, he will be played by Brat Pack superstar Anthony Michael Hall, of such classics as Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club.

Tommy Doyle prepares to face Michael.

Out of everyone in the original cast, Tommy gets the most screen time. We’re treated to a scene of him visiting Laurie in the hospital and later joining the mob intent on hunting Michael down, even going so far as to share a scene with his former tormenter Lonnie. It’s clear the filmmakers have big plans for Tommy Doyle, and the trailer does try to shy away from his eventual confrontation with Myers. But his use of a baseball bat recalls a similar fight Tommy had with Michael in Curse, where he fought off the deranged killer with a led pipe. Given this, Tommy is the first character who we are confident will live to fight another day, or another Halloween.

Our bet? Alive.

Karen Nelson

And now, after working through our rich supporting cast, we make it to our three principal leads. A major draw for the previous film was seeing three generations of Strode women face off against Michael, though Karen was reluctant. Estranged from her mother, Karen believed Laurie to be paranoid and toxic, and spent much of the previous film demanding her mother seek help. This all changed when Michael returned to town, murdering Karen’s husband Ray and threatening her and her granddaughter. Karen’s rediscovered her killer instincts, and helped her mother and daughter defeat Michael.

Karen taunts Michael with his mask.

In the trailer, Karen still seems to be a more hesitant character, no doubt traumatized by the death of her husband. Much of her time is spent with her mother Laurie who is still recovering, which is likely where Karen will spend most of the film. She does show up during the confrontation at the Myers house, taking off the killer’s mask and taunting him with it to lure him into a trap. It’s a defiant moment for the character and shows great change for someone who once denied the boogeyman. We don’t see Karen attacked in the trailer, and killing one of the three leads would be a big risk. Will Halloween Kills take that risk?

Our bet? Alive.

Allyson Nelson

Allyson Nelson looks to be the star of this latest film, which makes sense. She is the same age her grandmother was in the original, and after resenting her grandmother’s obsession for so long, now Allyson shares in it. Allyson had a rough ride in the previous film, losing all three of her best friends and her father to the masked madman before eventually aiding in the plot to burn Michael alive. Sadly, Michael escapes, and Allyson is left with the knowledge that her father’s killer is on the loose.

Allyson Nelson sets off with Cameron and Lonnie to hunt Michael.

Mad with grief and anger, Allyson seems eager for revenge, arming herself and joining Lonnie and Cameron in a citywide manhunt for the Shape. This eventually leads to her confronting the murderer at his childhood home, where he has her at knifepoint before being stopped by Karen. If any of the Strode women die, Allyson and Karen seem the likeliest candidates, and the least likely to die amongst these two is Allyson. This trailer shows Allyson becoming her grandmother, transforming from the average teenager and into the obsessed survivalist. For that, our money is on Allyson living to see the new day.

Our bet? Alive.

Laurie Strode

Laurie Strode prepares to defend herself in Halloween.

This brings us to the end of the list, and the character most people are speculating about. Laurie Strode has been with the series since the beginning. The role turned Jamie Lee Curtis into a star, and she could continue to play the character in subsequent entries like Halloween II, Halloween H20, and Halloween: Resurrection where she met her untimely death. This new film ignores the previous timeline and raises Laurie from the dead, but if she could die before, as she did offscreen in Halloween 4 and at the end of Michael’s knife in Halloween: Resurrection, could she die again?

Laurie Strode ready for battle in Halloween Kills.

To kill Laurie before the concluding chapter of this trilogy would be a big risk, and it would call back to the untimely fate of Curtis’ own mother Janet Leigh in Psycho. Still, we at ScreenHub feel that Laurie will spend most of this film out of harm’s way. We expect Laurie to be more of a side character in this sequel, recuperating from her injuries as Karen and Allyson take up the hunt in her absence. Laurie may not survive the night which will continue in next year’s Halloween Ends, but we fully expect her to survive this one, walking off into the night for one final confrontation with the shape.

Our bet? Alive.

Who Lives & Who Dies?

In a slasher film, not everyone makes it out alive. Most don’t. Given this lengthy list of characters, its very unlikely they will all live to the end. But it’s also just as unlikely that all of them will, and inevitably some characters from this new trilogy as well as the original will live on to fight another day in Halloween Ends. Our guess work is just that, and the list may not be accurate. Perhaps Chambers or Lindsay will manage to squeeze out of Michael’s grip while maybe Tommy or Karen might die in a surprising upset. Most slasher films populate themselves with anonymous faces meant only for a brief shock upon their deaths. Halloween Kills has populated itself with a rich ensemble with a richer history. It’s a rare exception where we want most of these characters to make it. Best brace ourselves, because the hard truth is most of them won’t, because this is Halloween, and the Shape is back in town.

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