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At a press conference at the Casino de Montreal, the 11th Montreal Comiccon lineup was announced. As you know, ScreenHub Entertainment had a presence there last year and are looking forward to returning this year, especially after learning of who will be present at this year’s convention.

Those who live in Montreal, or who will be town during the convention, can look forward to guest appearances from the likes of William Shatner, Anson Mount and Ethan Peck of Star Trek fame, the latter two who play Captain Pike and Spock respectively on Star Trek Discovery. I’m a pretty massive fan of Hell on Wheels, which Mount starred in as the lead, Cullen Bohannon, so I’m definitely glad he’ll be in attendance. If you haven’t checked out Hell on Wheels, well get on that!

Anson Mount [Credit: CBS]
Those who have fond memories of Smallville will be happy to hear that Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum will both be in attendance as part of a Smallville Reunion Event. Other television guests include Lana Parrilla of Once Upon a Time, Eliza Taylor of The 100 and Cameron Brodeur, who played Young Luthor in The Umbrella Academy. But wait, there’s more! A whole of actors from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be there for you to go completely nostalgic over, including David Fielding (Zordon), Karen Ashley (Yellow Ranger), Walter Jones (Black Ranger) and Austin St-John (Red Ranger).

Tom Welling [Credit: The WB/CW]
On the film side of the event, we’ll have Ray Park and Alan Tudyk of Star Wars fame at the convention. They play Maul and K2SO respectively. So you know I went full fanboy inside upon learning this. Tudyk is also known for his roles in Firefly and Wreck-it-Ralph. James and Oliver Phelps, better known as the loveable Weasley twins Fred and George in the Harry Potter franchise will add a bit of magic to the convention. UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, who also played Batroc in Captain America: The Winter Soldier will also be in attendance, keeping both sports fans and comic-book fans content. George was in attendance at the conference and revealed that he’s excited to meet fans one on one rather than interact with them over social media.

Georges St-Pierre

Speaking of comic books, a comiccon would be nothing without them and some heavy hitters will be present this year, including Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Jim Shooter, writer and editor best known for his work on Marvel Super Heros Secret Wars and Rags Morales (Identity Crisis, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) will also be there signing autographs. Then there are the hundreds of local artists who will be selling their wares and talking about their passions with eager fans. It’s great to meet celebs at these events but to take home an original piece to decorate your humble abode with is pretty sweet as well.

Kevin Eastman

There’s gonna be a bunch of activities to do this year, which is expected to see over 60, 000 guests this year. An Indie Game Zone will showcase local talent while a Retro Game Area will let you get your Pac-Man on. Last year, I got hands-on with some highly anticipated games, such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Spider-Man so we’ll keep an eye open for more current-gen titles. OVMF (L’Orchestre à vents de musiques de films) returns to perform the soundtracks of James Bond, the MCU and The Legend of Zelda. So everything I love. Local group House of M will be performing Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. There will also be a Disney themed karaoke event, so get ready to hear the kids belt out Let it Go while the adults go full Disney Renaissance with Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King and more!

Tickets are on sale now and will take place at Palais des Congrès again, from July 5th to 7th. Tickets come in single, three day weekend passes, deluxe and VIP. There’s student pricing on Friday while kids 5 and under enter for free and kids 6-12 can get in for free on Friday and Sunday. Stay tuned for more additions to the roster as we approach July! 2019 is shaping up to be one insanely geeky year and it’s great to come together at a convention and geek out as one. Just be sure to be mindful of one’s personal hygiene! See you there!

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