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The long-anticipated reboot of the Mortal Kombat cinematic universe is fast approaching. With that in mind, we wanted to bring you some early reactions. We reached out to an old friend to get a firsthand idea of what to expect from this audacious adaptation of a beloved video game franchise.

Some may remember Mohammed Hibban as one of ScreenHub Entertainment’s first featured artists. Recently, he was invited by Warner Bros to attend the Dubai premiere of Mortal Kombat. We wanted to know what he could tell us about the film, avoiding spoilers as much as possible. Here’s what Mohammed told us:

ScreenHub: How did you feel going into the film?

I went into [Mortal Kombat] expecting to see a lot of violence and gore, a decent story, and a large range of characters from the game. The movie delivered exactly that but with a lot more violence than I expected. 

ScreenHub: Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat fighter in the games?

Sub-Zero is easily my favorite character, the color, his clan, his costume and his abilities- perfection…

Credit: Warner Bros

ScreenHub:  Who was your favorite character in the Mortal Kombat film?

Sub-Zero and Sonya Blade were really good in the movie. I can’t say more without spoiling.

Credit: Warner Bros

ScreenHub:  Did you have a favorite moment in the Mortal Kombat movie?

There is definitely one specific fatality moment in the movie which is so brilliantly executed.

ScreenHub:  Who was your favorite Vs battle?

Scorpion vs Sub-Zero without a doubt.

Credit: Warner Bros

ScreenHub:  Was there anything you didn’t like about the Mortal Kombat film?

The film should have made a few characters from the antagonists side more appealing.

ScreenHub: Does the film expand on the Mortal Kombat universe at all, or does it stay close to the characters/locations/themes in the games?

Credit: Warner Bros

It very subtly does expand on the mythos and lore. I see this turning into a trilogy franchise.

ScreenHub: How did you feel coming out of the film?

I was very satisfied with what they’ve done. A pretty decent narrative with a ton of blood and violence with the main cast getting a decent screen time and development. 

Credit: Warner Bros

ScreenHub: Who would you recommend this film to?

I’d recommend this movie to anyone above 18, just don’t go in expecting everything to be exactly like the source material

Credit: Warner Bros

It sounds like we all have a lot to look forward to in the new Mortal Kombat movie. It is notoriously difficult to successfully transfer a fighting game to the big screen, but Warner Bros may have found the right mix of blood, gore, and character development to make this cinematic version of Mortal Kombat come to life. 

What do you hope to see in the new Mortal Kombat movie?

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