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Review by Josh Adams

The idea of interactive movies has been around for a long time. Many think of games like Night Trap. Low-budget, cheesy, but an experience like no other. Not only are new FMV games being made, but they are also doing quite well on modern platforms. I’m Josh with ScreenHub Entertainment and this is Why You Should Play: Blood Shore.

Video by Josh Adams

Wales Interactive ‘Blood Shore’ Review

Wales Interactive is an indie developer and publisher that’s been around since 2011. They published over 20, games most of them live-action puzzle adventures. Some people call them FMV games, or full-motion video games, a term from the days of the 32X. I wouldn’t call them interactive movies though, there are a lot of systems beneath your choices in these games that go beyond simply choosing a response. 

Blood Shore is the latest release from Wales Interactive. You play a washed-up actor who has signed up for the popular reality show Kill/Stream. 50 people consisting of influencers, actors, bloggers, and criminals have volunteered to be dropped on an island to compete in a high-stakes battle royale where many don’t make it out alive. The prize, 10 million dollars. I have a lot of fun with these games it’s an experience I think every gamer should try at least once. All of Wales Interactive games are priced at $15 or less, so if you’re looking for something new definitely check out Blood Shore.

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Wales Interactive ‘Blood Shore’ Trailer

Bloodshore is on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Switch, Mac, and iOS

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