Everything Everywhere All at Once Review [Spoiler Free]

Ever since its first trailer dropped, Everything Everywhere All at Once has been turning heads. This mind-bending multiversal madhouse of a movie has even managed to pull some fan’s curiosity away from Marvel’s behemoth advertising campaign. We went to our contributor Chris and asked: can we believe the hype? 

The Review

You can absolutely believe the hype. Everything Everywhere All at Once is an incredible achievement in filmmaking and Humanity. 

I watch a lot of movies and I like most of them, If I’m being honest, at least somewhat. I find things to admire. But it’s really rare when I see a film and think “I don’t know how they did it”. Like I can see the artifice. I know how they did it. But at the same time, it just boggles the mind from conception to execution. 

Image credit: A24

This movie can only happen when the directors know exactly what needs to be done and everyone is firing at their highest level from editing to cinematography to acting to costume. Everyone has to be in sync to achieve something like this. It reminds me of the first time. I saw Mad Max Fury Road where half of my brain the entire time was just going “how”. 

My biggest takeaway from Everything Everywhere All at Once is the amount of empathy that the Daniels’ have, and can imbue this film with. I understood every single character in this movie. I understood exactly what made them who they are and I wanted to comfort them. There’s a lot of pain in this movie but not an ounce of cynicism.

Image credit: A24

Stephanie Hsu, the daughter. She played Joy. Wow. Wow, I thought I understood her performance. It was in a little box for the first 15 minutes and then it just went to outer space. 

Go see this movie, support it. And don’t you DARE say that you’re so sick of all the movies that are coming out, all the reboots, sequels, and rebooquel films,  if you don’t see Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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