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Tonally, I found last week’s episode to be a little all over the place but episode three of Moon Knight, “The Friendly Type”, reverts back to the more grounded and grittier tone found in the premiere. That could be in part to director Mohamed Diab, whose back behind the camera (and will direct four of the six episodes overall). Episode three offers quite the adventure storyline while hinting at bigger things for Marc.

I say Marc and not Steven because this was very much a Marc episode. He finds himself in Egypt, trying to stop Harrow from unearthing the tomb of Ammit and to do that, he finds himself in quite a few action scenes, the most the show has offered in any single episode thus far. A knife fight in an early scene showcases that Marvel is getting a better grasp on how to actually film action and Moon Knight’s later action scene should put to rest the worry that Disney+ would be censoring the violence in their programs. The whole episode had a great adventure/archelogy vibe to it, as Marc and Layla investigate a particular sarcophagus after being tipped off by Hathor (yes, that Hathor) that should lead them to the location of Ammit’s tomb.

[Credit: Marvel/Disney+]

This episode went deep into the mythological aspect as we were introduced to the avatars to the major Egyptian deities, such as Osiris and Isis, in a trial of sorts in the Great Pyramid of Giza against Harrow. Khonshu causes an eclipse and brings forth Harrow for judgment, but as no crime has technically been committed and the gods vowed to not interfere in the affairs of humans, he goes forth consequence-free. But after getting the tip from Hathor, who seemingly doesn’t want Harrow to succeed, the duo make their way to an old acquaintance of Layla’s, Anton Mogart, who is the current owner of the sarcophagus that once belonged to a medjai. Harrow, of course, doesn’t want the duo to learn of any secrets concerning the location of the tomb and destroys the sarcophagus and ushering in a Moon Knight action scene. A great part of this segment is Marc knows very little about Ancient Egyptian culture, so he has to talk to his reflection to get input from Steven, who is something of a fanboy. In fact, Marc actually lets Steven take full control later on to unearth the medjai’s clue, which was a star chart from ages past. Khonshu, using his godly powers, rewinds the skies for Layla to pinpoint the map, but the gods turn Khonshu into stone for his actions. I’m guessing Marc/Steven will have to return to Giza to break Khonshu free before continuing.

[Credit: Marvel/Disney+]

But it wasn’t just cool action and archelogy this week. “The Friendly Type” strongly implied that there is a third personality lurking up in the mind of Marc/Steven. In the opening of the episode, Marc found himself in a fight, but like Steven in the premiere, blacked out and chaos was found in his wake. But we’re pretty sure Steven is being honest when he says it wasn’t him, the Steven personality doesn’t have the skills or the stomach to kill people, which is what happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a darker personality whose been killing people and sabotaging things behind the scenes for Marc and Steven and that will be an obstacle they’ll have to face later on.

[Credit: Marvel/Disney+]

All in all, “The Friendly Type” was a stronger episode for me and perhaps my favourite to date. It had plenty of adventure, mythology and intrigue while offering up entertaining action scenes.

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