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This week in comics changed my life. As I am sure you all know by now, I have made it my life’s work to get everyone to read a comic book. So trust me when I say that this week’s new comics changed my entire perspective on the universes and stories that I absolutely adore. What changed you ask? Let’s just dive right in…


Dark Knights of Steel Volume One Hardcover

  • Written by Tom Taylor
  • Art by Yasmine Putri

There are plenty of DC comics that would knock your socks off this week. However, out of all of them, Dark Knights of Steel will knock them off AND then put them right back on. The comfort this book holds is like a warm fire during a cold rainy night. Fantasy has always been a genre that has never been well received in the comic world, so when a fantasy comic book comes along that feels so new and yet familiar, you as the reader MUST pick it up.

I will warn you, if you are looking for high fantasy on the level of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, you will not find it here. You will find knights, castles, kings, and queens. Best of all, all of these things are told through the eyes of your favorite DC heroes and villains. This is a fantasy story that anyone can pick up and enjoy. The reader knows these characters, jumping into this story is effortless and will satisfy any long-time fantasy enthusiast.

[Credit: DC Comics]


Avengers vs X-Men vs Eternals: Judgement Day #5

  • Written by Kieron Gillen
  • Art by Valerie Schiti

Marvel’s big event book Judgement Day pits the three most powerful hero teams in the Marvel Universe against each other: The Avengers, The X-Men, and The Eternals. We know that the X-Men and the Eternals, both now immortal beings, are the real powerhouses in this fight, with the Avengers trying their best to catch up.

In Avengers vs X-Men vs Eternals: Judgement Day #5 the world is being judged by a cosmic space god and, unsurprisingly, has failed this judgment. This is an event book that has never been seen in Marvel Comics before. This issue will change the status quo throughout the Marvel universe for years to come. It is massively important that you pick up this issue this week if you wish to have any idea what is going to happen going forward in the whole the Marvel comics universe. I do not say this lightly, this book changes EVERYTHING.

[Credit: Marvel]

Image Comics

Vanish #1

  • Written by Donny Cates
  • Art by Ryan Stegman

Let me start by giving a parental warning with this book. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman are some of the best creative talents in comic books today, but they will always go above and beyond when it comes to brutality, shock, and straight-up rock-n-roll. This creative team worked on a Venom relaunch and the big event book Absolute Carnage over at Marvel together, both of which changed the characters forever. This duo does not leave anything to the mundane. They will take every chance they get to kick it up to fifth gear.

Vanish #1 is the beginning of a brand new title. It begins with the story of a young teenage hero who has done what heroes are supposed to do, stop the villain. With his mission accomplished, there is nothing more to do except drink and smoke his way past the nightmares and trauma as he gets older. After the years pass, and he grows into adulthood, a new superhero team arrives looking for our hero. He is lost wondering why they are after HIM. This book is intense, it is unique, and it will make you feel every emotion, even some you didn’t know you had.

[Credit: Image Comics]

Graphic Novel

Neurocomic: Comic About the Brain

  • Written by Hana Ros
  • Art by Matteo Farinella

Neurocomic is finally being reprinted and the world is better for it! This is a psychedelic mind trip through the brain and it explores everything from the physical layout to the depths of dreams. The interworkings of the mind are explored in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. You are learning about how the brain works but in a way that will make you question your existence. Farinella combines his doctorate in Neuroscience with his love for art, and his collaboration with ANOTHER neuroscientist Ros, they make a story that is not only compelling but will blow your mind.

[Credit: Nobrow Ltd.]

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