The Best New Comics This Week 9/28/22 – ScreenHub Entertainment

Legacy, fantasy, and representation are all perfect concepts for this week’s best new comics. These comics will answer some of the readers’ most burning questions: Who is the best Robin, what would a Disney princess be without her happy ever after, and what does representation mean in comic books? These questions can be answered today…


Tim Drake: Robin #1

  • Written by Meghan Fitzmartin
  • Art by Riley Rossmo

The prodigal son returns! Well, one of them. Tim Drake as ROBIN makes a comeback to his ongoing series in a huge way with Tim Drake: Robin #1. Tim has been a character loved by many comic book fans and all of them have been dying to see his return to an ongoing series, similar to his successful run during the 90s and 2000s.

The character of Tim Drake has also gone through a lot of changes recently. Coming out as bisexual in a Batman Urban Legends comic and starting a relationship with Bernard Dowd, a young lad who caught his attention. This comic highlights Tim Drake’s changes effortlessly.

Meghan Fitzmartin’s story is fresh, clean, and is a fantastic contrast to Riley Rossmo’s stylized art. Rossmo brings a perfect balance of dark and moody but also whimsy to any story. This creative team nails the first issue!

[Credit: DC Comics]


Marvel Voices: Comunidades #1

  • Written by Edgar Delgado, Fabian Nicieza, Alex Segura, Carlos Hernandez, & Zoraida Cordova
  • Art by Marcelo Costa, Roge Antonio, Yasmin Flores Montanez, Luis Morocho, & Paco Medina

The Marvel Voices line of comics has, since their inception, always been an idea worth having. Marvel highlights different groups and cultures that don’t normally get the spotlight and gives them the “front page” treatment they deserve. This series also gives artists and writers who belong to those groups and cultures the lead, to write and draw these characters in a way that best represents the people they know best.

This time in Marvel Voices, we get several stories highlighting Marvel characters from the Latin/x community. They include America Chevez, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Namor the Submariner, and many others. These creators get to tell the stories important to them and they do NOT disappoint.

Being an anthology series, it is easy for anyone to just pick Marvel Voices up right off the shelf and read without confusion. No need to worry about missing something in an issue before, or even having never read any of these characters. You as the reader will fully enjoy every page.

[Credit: Marvel]


Briar #1

  • Written by Christopher Cantwell
  • Art by German Garcia

I have been personally excited about this book ever since it was announced. Recently over at Boom Studios, there was a book called Alice Ever After, which is a darker more realistic retelling of Alice in Wonderland through the lens of mental health. Now Boom Studios has done it again with a new and darker telling of the classic fairytale of sleeping beauty.

Cantwell brings to life every aspect of this story and drives home the complete loneliness of having to save ones self. Also, Garcia’s art is perfect for this story, with gloomy shadowing and determination at every glance. This book is fun and worth looking at for anyone wanting something familiar yet boldly reinventive.

[Credit: Boom! Studios]

Graphic Novel

DC vs Vampires Volume One Hardcover

  • Written by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg
  • Art by Otto Schmidt

I know the name seems generic, but I promise, the comic book is VASTLY more interesting. DC vs Vampires has become one of the most entertaining comics over at DC right now, with every issue and mini-series making this new world seem completely without hope.

The genetic title, however, does set up what the story will be about. It is, of course, the DC universe versus Vampires. And I promise, there are a lot of DC characters who end up switching sides.

Tynion, who recently finished with his Batman run, is a master of horror comics (Nice House on the Lake & Something is Killing the Children). He knows how to tell a story that is not only horrifying but also believable. The twists and turns throughout DC vs Vampires are so well planned that I promise you’ll never see what’s coming next.

Schmidt’s art also destroys all expectations. He gives you, as the reader, everything you want from a horror comic that also has superheroes. Volume 1 is the first half of the story, and once you have finished, you’ll be begging for more.

Credit: DC Comics]

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