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Comics should always bring you on a journey, whether that journey is somewhere happy, sad, dangerous, or eye-opening. Something that can show a person all aspects of life from the comfort of their own home is something truly amazing. That is one of the biggest reasons I read comics and THE biggest reason I show people comics, the journey. There should always be a destination for the stories told in any comic and the ones this week are no exception.


[Credit: DC Comics]

Batgirls: One Way or Another Volume One

  • Written by Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad
  • Art by Jorge Corona

I usually chose a single-issue comic to recommend each week but unfortunately with DC Batman seems to have taken over their line lately. So I have chosen to recommend a trade paperback that, in my opinion, is one of the BEST DC comics out right now, Batgirls! This volume will take you through the very first story arc of these three amazing heroes: Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and Barbra Gordon. All of these fearless women have decided to join together to save Gotham their way. Gordon has taken it upon herself to guide these new Batgirls in their journey of justice, and she is doing that primarily behind the computer as Oracle. The balance of silly and fun, with the ass-kicking is absolutely perfect. Cloonan and Conrad both draw out every aspect of these characters in a way that is so well-balanced and each is honored perfectly. Corona as well really brings out the grittiness of Gotham but at the same time shows the goofy and love of these characters through his art. I truly mean that this is one of the best DC comics being written right now and I highly recommend this book if you are looking for brilliant teamwork, ass-kicking heroes, and best friends.


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Punisher #7

  • Written by Jason Aaron
  • Art by Jesus Saiz

There are several number-one issues this week that would probably be easier to start off with (Deadpool #1, Secret Invasion #1, Tiger Division #1) but after truly thinking about this, this Punisher story is honestly the one not to miss. The Punisher has never been a character that I would recommend to anyone. The character is someone that should NEVER be looked up to, the fan base can be really toxic, and the stories always end up being so one-dimensional. However, Jason Aaron’s take on the character has really given him a breath of fresh air, he asked the question “What if you gave the Punisher his family back?” This is the start of what will be the BEST crossover story at Marvel as well, with Daredevil being the head of the new counter organization The Fist, while the Punisher is a general in the organization The Hand, both coming together in a battle of ninjas, control, demons, and loss. This story is not to be missed by anyone reading comics right now, and I do not say that lightly about a Punisher comic.


[Credit: Dark Horse]

The Ones #1

  • Written by Brian Michael Bendis
  • Art by Jacob Edgar

I will be the first to admit that Brian Michael Bendis isn’t one of my favorite writers right now. His work on Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias, and Daredevil are legendary and should all be read by everyone, that is for sure, but the past decade has not brought us the greatest Bendis has been. However, that all changes today, Ones is a comic of epic proportions but at the same time feels so at home and intimate. In every legend and myth through time and around the world there has been a chosen one, and now, they are all needed to take on… the chosen one. This book is filled with prophecy and myth and humor and crazy like you have never seen before. Edgar also brings such an intensity to the pages and characters while at the same time always showing each character’s personalities perfectly. This is such a unique idea and is so much fun to read, so definitely do not miss out!

Trade Paperback

[Credit: Image Comics]

Twig Volume One

  • Written by Skottie Young
  • Art by Kyle Strahm

This comic is truly an absolute joy. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, this comic is amazing for literally all ages and can easily be enjoyed by all. Young takes us on a journey through the eyes of our main character Twig, on his journey to save his world. Twig is the most imaginative, adorable, suspenseful, and genius comic I’ve read in a long time. This is like a dungeons and dragons campaign but a lot cuter. Strahm also must be given credit for their mind glowingly imaginative concepts for the so alien environments and creatures that Twig meets along the way. There is danger and purpose in this story. You will truly fall in love with this character and want more and more I can promise you that.

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