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This week’s new comics are all over the place, with a tiny samurai, intergalactic DJs, old superheroes, and of course a character we will be seeing in the movies this week! But all of these stories have one thing in common: time, whether it be the past, present, or future. Comics can take you on so many journeys through so many different kinds of places and experiences. Time, and the experience of looking back through it and forward past it, is something that will always be a cause of wonder and fear in people. Comics use time in so many unique ways that each time you experience it, there is always something new to say and this week’s comics will make you think more about your own past, present, and future.


[Credit: DC Comics]

The New Golden Age #1

  • Written by Geoff Johns
  • Art by Steve Lieber, Jerry Ordway, Diego Olotregui, Brandon Peterson, Scott Kolins, and Gary Frank

Let’s start in the past, this week’s new DC comic choice has everything to do with its past. The Justice Society of America was featured very prominently in the new Black Adam movie, however, the movie missed a big key foundation to their character, which is the fact that they were the first superhero team. This is the golden age of comics, the 1940s and 1950s, the heroes fought evil and always won. Now, this new one-shot issue goes in between the past, present, and future with the narrator being Helena Wayne, the Huntress. This is setting up some huge story plots that will be explored in a lot of other DC comics going forward, especially the new Justice Society of America comic coming out next month. Geoff Johns has gone on record stating that his love for the JSA is unmatched and he loves bringing these characters to the front of DC’s mainstream and you can tell all that from this issue. The various artists also all bring a unique style to each time period, but these super-talented artists also make all the characters feel drawn by the same person. The talent involved in this comic is absolutely amazing. This is a must-read comic, not only for the classic good vs evil story, but also to understand more of DC’s past so we can understand where this company might be going.


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Black Panther Unconquered #1

  • Written by Bryan Edward Hill
  • Art by Duarte, Alberto Foche

There are plenty of new comics to jump into over at Marvel this week, and my choice SHOULD have been the new Fantastic Four #1 that looks absolutely amazing. However, I felt I had to choose the new Black Panther Unconquered #1, not only is it socially relevant but it is also such an amazing read on so many levels. Yes, we have the new Wakanda Forever premiering this week and having a really fun and powerful Black Panther comic available for recommendation is a must so more people can fall even more in love with this character and the world of the Black Panther. This comic specifically is an amazing jumping-on-point for any new-time Black Panther readers. Writer Bryan Edward Hill takes readers on a journey so new and fresh and tells that story in a way that is not boring to experienced readers but not overly complicated for newer readers. Durate and Foche bring the people of Wakanda and the Black Panther himself into the world in such a breathtaking way. Do not miss out on this comic, if not only for yourself then gift it to your friends who enjoyed the new movie!


[Credit: Whatnot Publishing]

Ninja Funk #1

  • Written by JPG, Steve Schuitt
  • Art by Alex Riegel

Ninja Funk is being described as Guardians of the Galaxy meets Borderlands and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more. This comic is the future in every sense of the word. A crazy team of musical warriors fight to save their home world, enough said! This comic is insane and musically influenced in all the best ways. The writing is top tier and the art is mind-blowing. This is a comic that on the surface seems one-dimensional and silly, but once you get past even the first page, this comic will make you rethink not only your taste in music but also your life.

Graphic Novel

[Credit:  Oni Press]


  • Written and Drawn by Ryan Lang

This original graphic novel has a lot of its story rooted in Japanese mythology and since this story takes place in feudal Japan, that’s not hard to believe. This is a time when mythical beasts and legends are real and there is an ancient evil in the world with no one left to stop it. That is until the smallest samurai, someone who in the minds of most could never do anything at all, must step up and save his world. Ryan Lang writes and draws a comic unlike any other, the pages alone and worth buying this book for. The art is soft yet fierce and every detail and character feels so real yet at the same time, like a dream. The story is the most magical part of this book, with Lang paying so much respect to the ancient myths and lore of ancient Japan while being able to expand on existing myths without being insulting. This is a beautiful book in every aspect and is worth picking up and sharing with everyone who will take it.

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