Comics YOU Should Read – 12/05/22 – ScreenHub Enterainment

This week in comics is all about over-the-top excitement and ridiculousness! Comics are a perfect medium for stories that demonstrate the outrageous and stories that challenge your understanding of what is the “norm”. This week’s top picks showcase this idea better than anything we have seen in a long time in comics. From the excitement of experiencing some of the best anime, to the unbelievable nature of myth and legend, and then there is Batman who is the definition of over-the-top. The comics I highlighted this week are perfect for getting into comics, but more importantly, they will DEFINITELY entertain.


[Credit: DC Comics]

Batman #130

  • Writing by Chip Zdarsky
  • Art by Jorge Jiménez

Even though this issue is in the middle of a storyline, it is in fact THE wildest issue of Batman I have ever read in my entire life. I do not mean to be outrageous here, but I mean this when I say that this issue of Batman has redefined what Batman is capable of. The character of Batman, in essence, is an over-the-top character but when a character does what Batman does in this latest issue you will literally cry out loud, “He can’t do that!” Zdarsky writes an issue unlike anything else at DC this week, and the exact opposite of his Daredevil issue this week. He was able to keep me entertained through all the outrageous and still got his point across for this issue, which is very impressive for this issue. Of course, Jiménez never disappoints, with his art being completely flawless. It is hard for me to review this issue without spoiling the issue, and I won’t spoil this. Enjoy the ride!


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Dark Web #1

  • Written by Zeb Wells
  • Art by Adam Kubert

I will not lie to my readers, I have not been enjoying the current Amazing Spider-Man series, it just hasn’t been entertaining to me. With that being said, the last issue, which was the prelude to Dark Web, hooked me back in and got me MASSIVELY excited for this new mini-series. Having a crossover that no one ever saw coming is also a great idea behind this event. Crossing over the X-Men and Spider-Man is never usually something you see too often anymore. This mini-series event also should be very exciting because usually Marvel does huge crossover events that require you to buy all the tie-in issues, however, the Dark Web event is not a universe-spanning event, its just X-Men and Spider-Man, its very simple but very exciting. Wells is a writer who has been consistent throughout his whole career and knows how to write a good comic. While Kubert comes from a family of legendary artists, as well as being a legendary artist himself, he brings his massive skill and makes this comic absolutely beautiful. I have a feeling this comic will have major ramifications in the Marvel universe.


[Credit: Dynamite Entertainment]

Gargoyles #1

  • Written by Greg Weisman
  • Art by George Kambadais

Ever since this book was announced, I don’t think there has been a comic I was MORE excited about a comic. As a product of the 90s, watching the Gargoyles cartoon late at night was something I still remember to this day. The impact this show had on me is almost embarrassing. Even if you have never watched this cartoon (which I strongly suggest you do, the voice cast alone) this book is amazing for fantasy lovers and mythology buffs alike. For the people who HAVE seen the cartoon, these are brand new stories, branding off from where the show ended, so you will not be disappointed or feel like these are stories you always have enjoyed. This book is already fun and full of excitement.

Trade Paperback

[Credit: Welbeck Publishing Group Limited]

The Ghibliotheque Anime Movie Guide

  • Written by Michael Leader & Jake Cunningham

I know this isn’t a traditional comic-focused trade paperback, however, this book is set up as a timeline of Anime movie history but in a way that seems very much like a story itself. Anime movies hold a very special place in my heart (my cat is named Jiji) and this beautiful hardcover takes the reader on a journey through time and are shown some of the BEST cinematic masterpieces. Not only is this book stunning to look at, but hopefully will inspire more people to watch anime and read manga. Both are medium that deserves their place of glory right next to comics.


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