New Comics YOU Should Read – 12/28/22

There is almost nothing harder emotionally than trying to let go of the past. It can keep you up all night, it can keep you frozen in the moment, or it can even have you running back toward a life that you have tried so hard to leave behind. The comics this week mirror this sentiment and share the most shockingly accurate understanding of these feelings. It’s hard to imagine things like vampires, a vacation, a conquering king, and things that go bump in the night are things which can invoke such strong emotions of wanting. However, these comics I have recommended for you do just that.


[Credit: DC Comics]

DC vs Vampires #12

  • Written by James Tynion IV & Matthew Rosenberg
  • Art by Otto Schmidt

I am sure it is odd for me to be recommending the LAST issue in a series, however, this series has been one of the best titles over at DC and the ending alludes to something even greater. The title seems to say it all about this book, DC characters fight against vampires, well although that is true, the struggle everyone goes through in this book is something the DC world hasn’t experienced in a long time. Also, the twists are turns in this series really catch even the most veteran comic reader by surprise. The ending was even more of a shock because although it seems to be the end of the story, it is most definitely not the end of the adventure.


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Timeless 2022 #1

  • Written by Jed MacKay
  • Art by Greg Land, Patrick Zircher, & Salvador Larroca

I will not try to sugarcoat how important this book is for the Marvel comic fan going into 2023. There is tease after tease for events and major players going into the new year, all of which is being shown through the eyes and experiences of Kang the Conqueror. I will be honest and say how limited I am in what I can say, this is a one-shot issue that is telling us as readers the future of the Marvel comic universe. Do not sleep on this issue, no matter what kind of comics you read. Some of the things that were teased will be universe changing and others will break your heart.


[Credit: Boom! Studios]

Book of Slaughter #1

  • Written by James Tynion IV
  • Art by Werther Dell’Edera

If you are not reading Something is Killing the Children, I wouldn’t be doing my job of getting you into comics by not asking WHY NOT?! This series is one of the BEST horror comics that has been written in the past ten years, I dare say even the past twenty years. There are horrific monsters that plague the world and there is an old society that protects us from the shadows. However, this secret society is about to be a lot less secret in this new one-shot issue that follows a very special member of this society and their journey. A journey that will ask them whether they want to remain loyal to their society even if the society itself is a monster. Also, this issue really gives us a clear background into the workings of said secret society. This is an amazing issue and needs to be read. This is also a great way to get started in this comic series that up to this point has five trade paperbacks for you to sink your teeth into.

Trade Paperback

[Credit: Dark Horse Comics]

Double Walker

  • Written by Michael Conrad
  • Art by Noah Bailey

This one-shot story is about a couple who decide to take one last crazy vacation before settling down and having a baby, a baby they are currently pregnant with. They venture off into the Scottish Highlands in search of beautiful sites and amazing adventures for both of them to look back on with fond memories. However, sometimes appreciating what you have might have been the best choice. This graphic novel is absolutely fantastic. The art by Bailey is rough and seems unfinished but that style really works for the horror theme the creative team was going for. This story is worth having on your bookshelf and it is something that definitely keeps you up at night, in the best way.


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