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Starting over, or getting a fresh start, is something everyone deserves from time to time. There are times when you have done everything and thought of all the possible solutions but at the end of the day, starting over is what is needed. A fresh start can rejuvenate your drive for success, it can give a relationship a section chance, and maybe it can rekindle the hope you might have lost. The stories and heroes in the comics I have chosen this week are no different. Some are needing to reinvent themselves, someone are just trying to start over, and others are trying to prove they aren’t useless. I highly recommend these stories this week for anyone who knows how it feels to start over, and the rollercoaster ride that it can be.


[Credit: DC Comics]

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7

  • Written by Joshua Williamson
  • Art by Rafa Sandoval

The Dark Crisis story has been nothing but a non-stop thrill ride, which is honestly pretty typical of big event books. However, ever since DC decided to revert back to its original continuity there has been a lot of pressure on this event to explain exactly what DC comics is doing going forward. No pressure right? Well, I will say, that Williamson is one of the most talented comic writers working today. He is telling a story that will have major ramifications on the DC universe as a whole for years to come. Sandoval, as well, is drawing some of their best work, at least from everything I have seen. If you have been wanting to get into DC, this last issue is going to give you an understanding of where DC is headed in 2023. They are starting over, in a way.


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

X-Men Annual #1

  • Written by Steve Foxe
  • Art by Andrea DiVito

If you haven’t been reading X-Men, no worries, this annual is a one-shot story that has its focus on Firestar, a mutant with a troubled past with her fellow mutants. Forester hasn’t really spent a lot of time among mutants, which is very odd from a fellow mutant. She was always with Spider-Man or the Avengers, things that didn’t really cross over too much with the X-Men. However, with her introduction onto the main X-men team (not her choice), Firestar must find a way to get her new teammates to trust her, and in turn, she needs to be able to trust them too. This is a wonderful intro to a mutant who is just looking for a fresh start.

Dark Horse

[Credit: Dark Horse Comics]

Witcher: The Ballad of Two Wolves #1

  • Written by Bartosz Sztybor
  • Art by Miki Montlló

Our favorite grumpy, grunting Witcher is back on another adventure, but this time there is more at stake than merely coin. In all honestly, this is the fairytale of the “Three Little Pigs” set in the Witcher world. There is a werewolf in a nearby town and Geralt is tasked with finding and slaying said beast. However with the three Piglett sisters coming to town as well, let’s just say, this adventure will be a lot harder than Geralt was expecting.

Trade Paperback – DC

Nubia Queen of the Amazons Hardcover

  • Written by Stephanie Williams
  • Art by Alitha Martinez

Nubia is the newly crowned Queen of the Amazons, and after the events of “Trail of the Amazons” Nubia has all the Amazon’s eyes on her and she is taking that in stride. This graphic novel is an amazing read for anyone who wants to see a story of honor, friendship, heartache, and heroism. In this book, Nubia takes the throne and all the responsibilities it comes with, she has to continue to prove herself worthy to lead the Amazons. Williams writes a story that is so relatable but at the same time something you can look up to. Nubia is such a powerful character however events and people try to bring her down every chance they get. However, just like Martinez’s art, Nubia will blow you away with not only who she is, but what kind of hero she strives to be.


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