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One of the biggest surprises for Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel was that Nick Castle, the original actor who portrayed Michael Myers, would be returning to the series for the first time since the original.

Often considered the signature performer of the masked maniac, Castle had since gone on to have a lucrative writing career, with credits including Escape from New York and August Rush, as well as helping the story for Steven Spielberg’s Hook. In spite of his success in other areas, Castle has never shied away from his performance in the film by his longtime friend, John Carpenter, and has taken to social media to bring us news from the set.

The first few images shared by Castle showed his arrival on set, where he showcased himself in what he called ‘the throne,’ for his character.

Nick Castle On Set

The Shape is here,‘ read his first tweet.

Over the next few days, Castle shared a series of images of himself being readied for the part, as well as one of the first scenes of himself in character. The first image he shared was a closeup of his hands wearing some light make-up. This scene appears to be shortly after Michael has claimed a victim. In the bottom of the frame, the famous jumpsuit and boots are also visible.

Nick Castle Hand Make-up

He’s at it again,‘ read Castle’s tweet from February 8th.

On the 9th, Castle shared an even more exciting image, this one showing a certain ominous shadow. Though we haven’t seen exactly what Michael’s look will be in the new film, this seems to be a good indication that Blumhouse is, unsurprisingly, going for a more vintage look for the character. The scene also shows the Shape in a bedroom setting near a mirror, similar to where he butchered his sister in the original film. Could this be a callback of sorts? We’ll have to wait and see.

Nick Castle Shadow

His shadow,‘ read Castle’s tweet from February 9th.

Castle’s most recent image was this, shared on the evening of February 11th. The image showed a series of drying sheets, with the cryptic message, ‘Look familiar?’

Nick Castle Sheet Drying

Castle was, of course, referring to a famous scene in the original, where Laurie, after walking home from school, spies Myers watching her from her bedroom window, hiding behind some similar hanging sheets left out to dry.

Halloween Sheets

Callbacks like this are sure to please numerous people. McBride has been very vocal about the new film attempting to be more stylistically similar to the original, and recognizable iconography is an important part of evoking that familiar autumn mood.

But one of the most interesting images shared by Castle was this one shared on the 10th, showing his hair getting shaved in the make-up department.

Nick Castle Head shaving

This may simply be so the mask could better fit Castle, who was sporting a rather long ponytail when he first arrived. However, it could also carry a deeper meaning. In the original film, the unmasked Michael was played not by Nick, but by another young actor named Tony Moran, cast for his ‘boy next door’ look. Castle, in numerous making-of documentaries, always offered good-natured quips about it not being his face under the mask, saying Carpenter ‘didn’t want someone really handsome like me.’ While it is far too early to confirm, it is possible that Michael might perhaps show his face again in this upcoming release, and that it may be Castle’s turn to smile for the camera.

Castle also showcased his trademark sense of humour on social media. Before his arrival on set, he shared this image titled The Shape in Water, a little shoutout to Del Toro’s recent fantasy hit with himself and Jamie Lee Curtis photoshopped in place of the other characters.

The Shape of Water Halloween Nick Castle

Things seem to be moving along well on the set of Blumhouse’s Halloween. If these images are any indication, it seems Nick Castle is being treated very well, which will no doubt come to the relief of the actor’s longtime fans. One of Castle’s most exciting tweets came on January 31st, where he spoke of his friend, John Carpenter, coming to the set.

‘The Uber legendary JC will be in SC soon to bless the set.’

This is perhaps the most exciting news of all. It has been forty years since Castle and Carpenter collaborated to create one of the most iconic horror films of all time, and though the two have collaborated on numerous other projects like Escape from New York and their bad, the Coupe de Villes, this will be the first time the two have ventured back to the autumn leaf-clogged streets of Haddonfield. We haven’t seen a high-quality image of Castle in character yet, but based on the news he’s brought us from the set, fans can rejoice.

Nick Castle Th Shape Chair

The Shape is back.

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