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Since the trailer for Blumhouse’s upcoming sequel to Halloween made its debut, many fans have been eager to analyze it, seeking out the numerous references not only to the original film, but every other film in the long running series. Here are just a few moments that recall some of the series’ most popular moments.


ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween Escaped Patients

Of course no Halloween trailer would be complete without some recollection of the original classic, and this trailer boasts one such scene. When a father and son are driving, they come across a crashed bus with several mental patients wandering around nearby.

The scene of their white uniforms wandering through the blackness recalls the famous scene in the original where Michael escapes during a thunderstorm. When Loomis and Nurse Chambers arrive at Smith’s Grove, they too are greeted to the eerie sight of the patients wandering through the night, with only their white gowns visible in the headlights.

Halloween II

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween Bumping Into Kids

One of my favorite moments from the trailer was this. As Michael is wandering the streets of Haddonfield, he bumps into a pair of trick-or-treaters, giving them their one good scare for the season. What’s significant about this moment is one of the children is carrying a boom box. While subtle, this film recalls a memorable scene from Halloween II, the original sequel produced and written by Carpenter.

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween II

In this film, Laurie is taken to a hospital after her narrow brush with death, leaving Michael clueless as to where she is. However, a young boy listening to a news broadcast on a radio overhears where she’s been taken. As in the new trailer, Michael bumps into the boy, and begins to his journey to the hospital.  Could Michael get some information out of the radio in the new film as he did in the original sequel? We’ll have to wait and see.

Halloween III 

ScreenHub0Movie-Halloween Silver Shamrock Masks

In one of the trailer’s blink and you’ll miss it moments, Laurie Strode is seen frantically running through the streets, waving a gun around and warning children on the street to get inside. At first glance, this also recalls a scene from Halloween II where Loomis frightens several children off the street while chasing someone he suspects of being Michael. However, there is another reference in this scene, as some of the children are wearing some very familiar masks.

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween III Masks

They are wearing Silver Shamrock masks, designed by the evil Conal Cochran in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This film didn’t feature Michael Myers, instead having its villain use these masks to murder millions of children on Halloween night. Maligned at the time of its release, Halloween III has since enjoyed a reappraisal, some considering it one of the best in the series. It’s good to see this underrated gem get some love in the new movie, and hopefully we’ll see more references to Silver Shamrock in the movie.

Halloween 4

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween Gas Station Victim

Michael’s jumpsuit is as essential a part of his costume as his mask, so every sequel needs to devise a way for him to get it. In the new movie, the filmmakers looked to one of the earlier sequels for inspiration. About midway through the trailer, the documentary crew stops at a gas station. While there, they find someone murdered in a tool shop, obviously a mechanic killed by Michael so he could take their one-piece jumpsuit and boots to complete his signature look.

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween 4

The exact same thing happens in 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. While traveling back to Haddonfield, Loomis stops at a gas station to ask the staff if they’d seen anything. He finds them murdered. Among the victims is a mechanic, who was also killed in his tool shop so Michael could take his jumpsuit.

Halloween: H20

ScreenHub-Movie-Halloween Bathroom Stall

In perhaps the trailer’s most tense moment, one of the film crew runs afoul Michael at the gas station while in the restroom. In this scene, Michael torments the woman by dropping a handful of severed teeth into the stall and banging on the door, before coming in to make the kill. Though a good deal more violent, this scene does bear a strong resemblance to a scene from the seventh film, which at the time was to be Curtis’ final fight against Myers.

In Halloween: H20, a woman and her daughter pull over at a rest-stop somewhere between Illinois and California. As in the new film, the woman goes into a stall and shuts the door. While there, she watches horrified as Michael steals her purse and car keys. The moment relies more on tension than graphic violence, making it one of the highlights of this often divisive entry. Given that, it’s understandable the creators of the new entry would want to make a nod to it in some way.

What other ways will the film itself make nods? How will the film make references to the Thorn Curse from Halloween 5 and 6? What about the ill fated Halloween: Resurrection? How about the Rob Zombie remakes? One thing is clear. In the space of two and a half minutes, the trailer manages to pay homage to five films in the series. They’ll probably be able to work in plenty more over the space of an hour and a half, leaving longtime fans plenty to look out for come October 19th.

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