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After a premiere that left many of us confused, intrigued and borderline disappointed depending on who you asked, WandaVision‘s third episode is now on Disney +, as a replacement for the Mandalorian ‘Friday hype’. I thought that this one would probably deliver a little more of the show’s promises, but just to realize that we are pretty much in similar grounds as the first two entries. Indeed, episode 3, named ‘Now in Color’ reflects the new era in which the Wanda-Vision couple lives, now being the 1970s (with long hair, American muscle cars and funky furniture all over the place). In the final moments of episode 2, the technicolour technology was finally brought back, so the life and bright colours of the Marvel universe were back. Also, it was revealed that Wanda suddenly became pregnant with Vision…the reason and the absurdity of it all left unanswered.

One thing is for sure, MCU fans have certainly pulled no punches since last week. Some describe the show’s narrative as the worst product Marvel Studios delivered since the first Iron Man movie, others see it as an ingenious and original piece of work. Will this show become the MCU’s The Last Jedi; the most controversial entry in the Star Wars universe? Only time will tell, but there are good chances. We do get some more answers here, but WandaVision’s story remains a big mystery.

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVision [Credit: Marvel Studios]

So, we are back in the ‘fictional’ town of Westview, where Wanda and Vision try to live their lives as normally as possible inside a sitcom where a live audience always reacts to every gag and pun of their day to day lives. As we know, Wanda revealed in the last episode that she is pregnant and that we are expecting a rapid delivery to say the least. In order to better prepare for the birth of the baby, the couple works on the baby’s room, while also trying to keep Wanda’s pregnancy a secret to their neighbours and friends. Only the doctor is welcomed inside the house to monitor her pregnancy, just to realize that she is due TODAY. This time around, the secondary character that takes all the narrative space along with our two heroes is Geraldine (Teyonah Parris). She was presented as a simple neighbour last time we met her during Dottie’s cocktail party, but the 1970s seem to have made her a very… knowledgeable person. Of course, all hell will break loose as mysterious occurrences happen around the house while Wanda is delivering twins (Billy and Tommy) and we’ll soon find out that Geraldine knows a lot more about the Scarlet Witch’s past, which leaves Wanda very upset. During that time, Vision has a strange little chat with their neighbours, including those who can’t seem to explain what’s wrong with their environment.

Elizabeth Olsen and Teyonah Parris in WandaVision [Credit: Marvel Studios]

For the first time, only for a few seconds, we are getting a better portrait of what seems to happen in the real world. We didn’t need convincing that the reality in which Wanda and Vision are imprisoned is fake, but the context of this ‘Matrix’ is still puzzling. Only one character was able to leave this reality and come back to Earth, where a base camp operating under the famous ‘sword’ symbol is located near a supernatural force field. We see Geraldine, expelled from said force field after Wanda loses her temper and makes her disappear. What did she do? She revealed to Wanda that her brother, Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron) was killed by Ultron. In other words, if I understood the supernatural effects of this fantasy correctly, Wanda might be in fact controlling the reality taking place in Westview whenever someone tries to disrupt her day to day routine. That was the case with Geraldine, but also the case of the bee caretaker in episode 2. Wanda is a God in this universe, and it seems that some people affiliated with the operatives behind the SWORD are trying to break into her fantasy.

Teyonah Parris in WandaVision [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Although more details were given in the episode to deepen our understanding of WandaVision‘s story, the episode still lacks thrills and excitement, as we were used to when the Avengers were united. On that base, we should get a really good idea of what is happening to Wanda in the next few episodes. However, considering the trailers and promo materials around the series, we know that the couple has more days to live in Westview.

My guess is decades will go by fast before the couple is settled in 2021, so let’s see how time will be kind to the show before it becomes a real treat.

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