A Whiskey and a Movie Podcast Is Here! – ScreenHub Entertainment

Here at ScreenHub Entertainment, we’re always looking to adapt, evolve and better ourselves. You keep coming back to read and it means the world to us. As such, we felt now is the time to dive into the world of podcasting. We present to you, A Whiskey and a Movie Podcast, hosted by Frédéric Bourgeois-LeBlanc, content writer, and Sean Gallagher, co-founder of ScreenHub.

In this podcast, we’ll crack open a glass of whiskey, scotch, maybe even bourbon or rye and talk about the world of pop culture, as well as just what’s happening. We hope to have guests down the line as well, so shoot us a message if you are interested or if you know someone who would be.

We hope to publish an episode bi-monthly and we’ll link every episode we share on the site. We can’t do this without you though so if you’re enjoying it, please rate, subscribe and share to spread the word. Also, we’re open to feedback and if you want to share any with us, shoot us an email or a DM on social media.

We would like to thank Jérémie Corriveau for that awesome and rugged intro tune.

Finally, please drink responsibly.

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