Comics YOU Should Read – 10/25/22 – ScreenHub Entertainment

The comics this week are all about something coming to an end; whether that is the end of your freshmen year, the end of your boring life, the end of your mission, or just the end of the person you once were. They all show us that life is short but worth every moment. The creators of these comics knew this and they all blew me away with each of their books. They knew that even with an ending, no matter how outlandish or extravagant, it is always followed by a new beginning.


[Credit: DC Comics]

Riddler: Year One #1

  • Written by Paul Dano
  • Art by Stevan Subic

I do not say this lightly, but this book is absolutely amazing. Written by the Riddler himself, Paul Dano, he understands this version of the character like no one else can. Edward in the story is an absolute nobody, with no one there to care about him. He uses this anonymity to be unseen by literally everyone around him. This prequel story to The Batman movie shows one of the darkest and most frightening stories to ever grace the pages of a DC book. Also, Stevan Subic makes his American comic debut and shows a side of the world that probably should have stayed covered up. I highly recommend this book, the story is breathtaking and the art is absolutely mind-blowing. Even if you did not like or watch the movie, you will be hooked by this character from page one.


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Strange Academy: Finals #1

  • Written by Skottie Young
  • Art by Humberto Ramos

I have been reading Strange Academy since its first issue and I can truly say that no other comic book demonstrates the perfect balance between teen angst and magic. Young and Ramos have been working together on this book since its inception in 2020 and they created such a wide range of different characters! These characters are at a school for gifted young magic users and I bet you can only imagine the kind of shenanigans these very powerful magical students get u too. This book is so easy to just pick up, even if you have never read it before. But if you DO want to start at the beginning, then do not fear, a big hardcover that holds volumes one and two will get you all caught up so fast.


[Credit: Boom!]

Damn Them All #1

  • Written by Simon Spurrier
  • Art by Charlie Adlard

For anyone who was a big fan of John Constantine and occult mysteries, Damn Them All is absolutely for you. The main story follows Ellie, whose main goal in life is to eradicate all the evil monsters and demons in this world, but also to get paid for it. Unlucky for her, 72 demons have been freed and it is up to her to track them down and send them where they belong. Spurrier honestly drives this story home, it feels lost yet on track, it feels out of control but completely safe all at the same time. The art is done by Charlie Adlard, famous for his long-time work on The Walking Dead, and really shows what he can do with horror, which he is no stranger to. I will be honest, I never really enjoyed Adlard’s art but once I got used to the idea that this book’s story is absolutely amazing, I was able to step back and really see that this book is absolutely a breath of fresh air, right in time for the spooky season.

Graphic Novel

[Credit: Random House Children’s Books]

My Aunt is a Monster

  • Written & Drawn by Reimena Yee

I am so happy that I picked this book for the graphic novel section this week. This story will make you tear up, but in such a hopeful way, tears of joy. Safia is our main hero, a blind teenager stuck in her own routine but when her mysterious aunt comes to show her life, Safia could never expect what could happen next. This book is about finding out that you need to believe in yourself, by believing in yourself there is no limit to what you are capable of. Reimena Yee not only tells a beautiful story, but also brings us into that story with some of the most beautiful pictures you will ever see. This is the kind of story that you show to your kids and grandkids,

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