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Title: Pepe Le Moko Director: Julien Duvivier Year: 1937 Genre: Crime Runtime: 94 minutes A Little History The 1930s did not shy away from the fact that it was a big lover of the crime genre. With gangster films coming into the limelight as the go-to cinematic experience, it was a big sensation throughout the USA. With the Hays Code in full effect at this … Continue reading 1001 Movies: Pepe Le Moko – ScreenHub Entertainment

1001 Movies: Intro – ScreenHub Entertainment


Movies. Everyone loves them and everyone watches them. Whether it’s watching an escapist form of entertainment, where you’re given a chance to check your brain at the door and just enjoy the movie for what it is, or you seek out a more artistic endeavor that has you thinking and feeling deeply, there’s no denying that movies are a big part of our culture and lives.

As an avid movie watcher though, the 100+ years of films can seem rather overwhelming. With millions of movies to choose from, it can become a difficult task when it comes to picking a movie for your Friday night movie nights. Especially if you’re trying to play catch-up and watch the classics, revisiting films from the past to expand your Film Buff Knowledge.

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