1001 Movies: Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen)-ScreenHub Entertainment

Title: Hour of the Wolf Director: Ingmar Bergman Year: 1968 Length: 87 Minutes Genre: Drama, Horror Country: Sweden Rating: R Vargtimmen This was my first exposure to a full Ingmar Bergman film. I had seen many scenes of his films, the famous playing Chess with Death scene from The Seventh Seal is one that appeared many times in my film classes. I was very familiar … Continue reading 1001 Movies: Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen)-ScreenHub Entertainment

1001 Movies: Tangerine – ScreenHub Entertainment

Title: Tangerine Director: Sean Baker Year: 2015 Length: 88 Minutes Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama Rating: R WARNING: MILD SPOILERS AHEAD   “Merry Christmas Eve, Bitch” An opening line that perfectly sets up the next 88 minutes for the audience. A low budget independent movie filmed entirely on iPhones on the streets of California on Christmas Eve, it made a large impact upon its release. The format … Continue reading 1001 Movies: Tangerine – ScreenHub Entertainment

1001 Movies: Slumdog Millionaire – ScreenHub Entertainment

Title: Slumdog Millionaire Director: Danny Boyle Year: 2008 Length: 2hrs Genre: Drama/Crime Love For Slumdog I remember when this movie came out, it was one of the most talked about movies of the year. Everyone was making references to it. Whether it was the representation of the Indian slums or screaming “Jai” Ho in your face, Slumdog Millionaire somehow stuck with the audience and it’s … Continue reading 1001 Movies: Slumdog Millionaire – ScreenHub Entertainment

1001 Movies: Pepe Le Moko – ScreenHub Entertainment

Title: Pepe Le Moko Director: Julien Duvivier Year: 1937 Genre: Crime Runtime: 94 minutes A Little History The 1930s did not shy away from the fact that it was a big lover of the crime genre. With gangster films coming into the limelight as the go-to cinematic experience, it was a big sensation throughout the USA. With the Hays Code in full effect at this … Continue reading 1001 Movies: Pepe Le Moko – ScreenHub Entertainment

1001 Movies: Intro – ScreenHub Entertainment


Movies. Everyone loves them and everyone watches them. Whether it’s watching an escapist form of entertainment, where you’re given a chance to check your brain at the door and just enjoy the movie for what it is, or you seek out a more artistic endeavor that has you thinking and feeling deeply, there’s no denying that movies are a big part of our culture and lives.

As an avid movie watcher though, the 100+ years of films can seem rather overwhelming. With millions of movies to choose from, it can become a difficult task when it comes to picking a movie for your Friday night movie nights. Especially if you’re trying to play catch-up and watch the classics, revisiting films from the past to expand your Film Buff Knowledge.

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