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Here at Screenhub Entertainment, we don’t like to just sit back and play it safe. We like to take chances, live on the wild side, and dance on the edge of the proverbial blade. This featured artist brings us beauty, talent, and all the danger that we love. We would like to introduce Dagmara Cielecka and her stunning artwork, painted on some rather unconventional media.

Dagmara is a true artist in every sense of the word. She has been creating since before she could remember, and has no intention of ever slowing down. She has chosen a number of unusual canvases for her art, the most conventional being human flesh. As a tattoo artist, she strives for realism and detail, a style that she continues in her other artistic endeavors. Her two other canvases of choice are shoes and metal blades. We sat down with Dagmara for an interview about her history, her style, and her art.

First, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I’m Dagmara 🙂. I was born in Poland and moved to England with my parents and twin sister when I was 9. We lived in London for 7 years then moved to Nottinghamshire and that’s where I am currently at 🙂. I’m a tattoo artist and also a painter. I believe that spreading kindness in the world will make you a happy! 

What inspired you to start creating your art? 

I have always loved art and started creating probably in my mum’s womb haha! I was always artistic since I was a toddler. I believe my dad has passed on the creative gene as he is an artist also 🙂. Although he doesn’t do it now. Art has always brought me so much joy when I was younger and I am glad I haven’t stopped ever since!

Do you have any copies of your dad’s art?

We don’t have any photos of my dad’s work as when me and my twin were toddlers, we drew over them! Such a shame. I’m angry at my toddler self for doing that.

Do you have a favorite subject?

Yes. I love drawing/painting human portraits as well as portraits of pets 🙂. I have recently fell in love with painting horror! I love horror movies in general so when I done my first horror portrait, I loved it!

What made you start using blades and shoes as a canvas?

I started painting shoes first. In 2014 I did my first pair 🙂. A friend of mine who is also a shoe painter, needed help with his commissions so passed on one of them to me. It was Tupac and Biggie Smallz on Vans shoes. After I done my first pair, I really enjoyed it so started painting shoes full time and took commissions. 

With saws and blades, I did my first one beginning of 2017. It was the ‘’Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees’’ one 🙂. Me and my boyfriend always used to see other artists paint signage on saws. He suggested I should paint my realistic style onto them! And since then, it has become my favourite canvas to paint on. After a few saw paintings, I wanted to try different vintage tools. Then came the blades, cleavers, billhooks and any big enough weapons to paint on! I always look for new stuff to paint on. Something unusual and so,etching that may seem weird to some. 

Can you tell us how your look and style evolved?

I think I’ve always had the same style. Realism. I was always interested in doing realistic drawings and paintings. My aim was to always try and do a portrait as realistic as possible. Not just portraits, but anything I created. When I first started tattooing, I knew I wanted to do realistic style tattoos but I started learning from the basics. I have learnt about composition of traditional tattoos, how to put a solid line in skin, how to pack solid colour into skin. So at first, my tattoos started of more simple with thick outlines. The more experience I got and the more confidence I have gained, I slowly started to do more realism. Again, starting with small realistic pieces, to now doing full back pieces!

Between shoes, metal, and flesh, what is your favorite to create art on? 

I love all of them differently! They are all very fun and bring me a lot of joy. But if I had to choose, I think I’d choose… nope I can’t choose! Haha. I love everything I do!

Can you tell us a little about your artistic process, and how it changes depending on the medium you are creating on?

Canvas paintings or pencil portraits require less effort. I just pick up my paints or pencils and create. With saws and blades, there is the ‘prepping’ stage before the painting. Because they are vintage and quite old, I have to make sure the saw is rust free. I have to clean each of them thoroughly and apply anti-rust products to make sure rust won’t show through. Then I can paint! Once I finish painting, I apply a clear gloss varnish to protect the painting. It also brings out more contrast when it’s varnished!With shoes, I coat the shoes with white gesso first, let it dry and then start painting. After painting, I use a waterproof, acrylic gloss spray to protect the shoes from getting wet. You can wear the shoes of course, but be extra EXTRA careful. If normal shoes can get damaged, then hand painted shoes are more likely to. I tested them out in a washing machine and they were fine. But I wouldn’t risk it as anything can happen. If you decide to wear the shoes, please take care and clean them with a damp, soft cloth. Most of my clients order the shoes for display rather than to wear 🙂. 

Where do you see your artistic career going in the future?

I definitely plan on being a tattoo artist until my knees and back give up on me 😂. I plan on definitely travelling EVERYWHERE in the world. I would love to visit every country possible and meet other tattoo artists, work with them and learn from them. I always dreamt of having my own Art gallery with my twin sister! That is my biggest dream and definitely something I will work hard for to achieve. I will always do paintings and drawings outside of tattooing but when I retire from tattooing, I will be a full time artist for sure. Fostering shelter animals and looking after them at the same time 🙂. 

Do you take donations or do commissioned pieces? If so how do people contact you?

I paint and then sell my pieces and also take commissions! I ship worldwide 🙂. I have a website where I upload any pieces for sale: www.dagmaracielecka.com. For commissions, it’s always best to email me to discuss the piece you would like me to create. That way we can discuss details 🙂. My email is: [email protected]

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