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For many of us it is officially one month into our self imposed exile from normal life. During these stressful times, it is important to enjoy the finer things whenever we can. With that in mind, Screen Hub Entertainment would like to present our next artist of the month, Katy Irons, aka Ulylla Designs.

Katy Irons (Ulylla Designs)

Katy’s art is quite different from most fan art you will see online. Her mosaic-style contains an effortless elegance rarely experienced in the world of pop culture fan art. Transforming comic book icons and videogame legends into art that feels more akin to stained glass than the ink and paper with which it was created. Katy was kind enough to sit down with us and explain how and why her art has taken in such a unique look. 

Image credit: Ulylla Designs

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Katy Irons and I’m a 26 year old self-taught artist from Bishop’s Stortford in the UK. I pretty much live the introverted lifestyle and spend my time drawing, gaming, binging TV and films!

What inspired you to start creating your art?

One day in college (I was about 18/19), I found an old sketchbook and randomly started drawing curvy shapes with sharp points at each end. I felt as though I was inspired by ‘modern tribal art’ due to use of flowing shapes that were separated by white lines/gaps.

Image credit: Ulylla Designs

Your artwork has a very distinct look. Can you tell us how that evolved?

Thank you! Since around 2011/12, my style has developed a lot in terms of the gradient work, quality and layout design. A few years ago, I started introducing a digital element to my work that consisted of enhancing the colour, shadows, depth, highlights and creating a backround too!

It looks like most of your work is done with pen and paper. What do you like about that medium versus digital?

My work was purely traditional until a few years ago when I started adding digital elements to it. But comparing computer software and traditional tools, I’m really pleased that I can create such a delicate piece of work using very simple utensils. Pencils and colour pencils are some of my tools, but the main instrument for the colourful metallic gradient work is just a normal biro ballpoint pen!

Image credit: Ulylla Designs

Can you tell us a little about your artistic process?

Well, after I’ve done picture research, created a digital mock-up with a drawing grid (this mock-up acts as a guide, helps with proportions and the end result is always completely different), I use a light pencil and draw up a rough draft on paper.

Next, using a slightly darker pencil, I start adding in shapes and detail. This pencil stage lasts a while as it consists of constant erasing and developing the look of each shape until they all flow smoothly together. After this, I take a new piece of paper, use a fineliner and trace over the linework, this prepares for the next stage, colour!

Image credit: Ulylla Designs

Using mainly biro pens and colour pencils, I start colouring in everything! After that is done, I start building up the shading, depth and then smooth out the gradient work. Once happy with everything, I begin the next stage, which is finelining and white pen! Essentially, I sharpen up the outline work and use a white pen around all the shapes to clean up any mistakes and errors.

Image credit: Ulylla Designs

Once happy, the art piece is scanned to Photoshop and I digitally enhance by colour correcting, building up shadows along with producing a background!

Image credit: Ulylla Designs

Do you take donations or do commissioned pieces? If so how do people contact you?

I do indeed take commissions! You can find and contact me on my social links! [Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter]

As we all continue to join Katy in her introverted lifestyle, whether we like it or not, we would like to thank her. Thanks for letting us into her world and helping to give our social feeds a little extra class this month. We all hope for a swift end to the menacing blight that plagues the world, but until then, please enjoy the most majestic Hufflepuff sigil we have ever seen. 

Image credit: Ulylla Designs

See more of Katy’s art as we feature it on ScreenHub’s FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram feeds.

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