New Comics YOU Should Read – 11/23/22 – ScreenHub Entertainment

The comics that stand out to me this week all immediately have a common theme that stood out to me: the journey. We as people, living our lives the best we can, are always taking some kind of journey. Whether that is to the grocery, to school, to work, an emotional journey, or (like some of our characters this week) through space! The journey of life defiantly has an ending, but it’s not about that, it’s about the journey itself. That is what makes life amazing. These comics this week are no different, and I highly recommend these breathtaking works of art and literature!


[Credit: DC Comics]

Dark Crisis: Dark Ary #1

  • Written by Mark Waid, Dennis Culver, & Delilah S Dawson
  • Art by Freddie Williams II

This is a one-shot issue that takes place during the events of Dark Crisis. The once-ally Pariah has control of some of the worst villains DC has and no one knows why except Damian Wayne Robin! Damian is leading a team on the road to see if his theory is right, and if he is, he could save the DC universe as we know it. No pressure. This book is extremely fun, any comic where Damian has to work together with ANYONE has so much potential to be hilarious and also heartwarming. There is a lot riding on Damian’s theory so this book has so much at stake. This is not a book to miss this week!


[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1

  • Written and Drawn by Trade Moore

We finally get Stephen Strange back in all his glory! However, something is very different, also he has no idea where he is. Lost in a dimension unknown to him, Doctor Strange must try and find his way back home before it is too late. Now, I do not over-exaggerate when I say that having a master writer like Tradd Moore is a perfect choice for ANY comic. Moore’s writing style is out there and unique but never feels too out of reach. His art as well fits every word he writes. Coming off his famed work Silver Surfer: Black, Moore takes the audience on a journey of desperation, confusion, and loss. This comic is going to change how we view Doctor Strange and perhaps even the Marvel Comic Universe.


[Credit: Boom! Studios]

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #1

  • Written by Jason Aaron
  • Art by Alexandre Tekenkgi

I couldn’t be more excited to get Jason Aaron, Marvel’s flagship writer, on an independent comic again, especially dealing with the subjects of apocalypse and love. This is a story about two people who found each other at a time when everyone assumes love is lost forever. However, these two people do find each other and never let go, at least they try not to. We follow them as they try to survive in a place that is trying its hardest to have them not be together. Aaron writes an epic tale with a scope that surrounds the world but also feels as intimate as two people having their first date. Tekenkgi’s art as well makes you feel like all hope is lost, yet at the same time, that there is nothing but hope when both our heroes are on the page. This book is very intense but it’s also a trilogy, so keep an eye out for the other two stories coming later.

Graphic Novel

[Credit: Fantagraphics Books]

Men I Trust (Hardcover)

  • Written & Drawn by Tommi Parrish

This book is absolutely beautiful on so many levels. The story follows two individuals: One is a single mother who is also a poet and the other is a sex worker who just moved back into their parents’ house. These two form a friendship that neither of them saw coming and this takes them on a journey of love they also could have never predicted. When life keeps getting in the way, do you push harder to get the thing you want, or do you just let it go? This is the question these two women have in front of them and it couldn’t be harder. Parrish not only paints a stunning picture with her brush, but paints a story for our imaginations with this story. Everything about this story seems so real and could happen to any of us. This book is absolutely phenomenal and needed for any comic lovers’ bookshelf.

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