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At ScreenHub Entertainment we strive to produce great content that makes people think and gets people talking. We love to see our work spark conversations, and we love to see others’ work do the same. To that end we have decided to reach out to our fellow creatives and lend a hand. Every month ScreenHub will choose one artist to highlight, sharing their work on our social media and producing an article centered around their artistic talent. Congratulations to Mizuri on being chosen as ScreenHub’s very first Artist of the Month!

The Artist: Mizuri

Though you may not know his name, you most likely have seen his work. Mizuri’s art seems to float around on the tide of Facebook and Twitter, occasionally washing up on your feed in articles with titles like “Here’s What [insert actor] Could Look Like as [insert fictional character]“. It is not surprising when you see the quality that this young artist produces.

Posters and Promos

This self-described amateur has a bright and brooding style that is easily recognizable. The neon glow present in many of his pieces bathes his subject in an eerie light. You can feel the atmosphere in every image. His fan casting is always insightful and his fan posters would look at home on the “coming soon” wall of any theatre in America.

Casting Call

It’s one thing to imagine that one perfect actor in that one perfect role. It’s another thing entirely to bring that imaginary casting to life in such a beautifully visceral way. Mizuri shows us we’ll known performers as characters we never imagined, but now desperately need.

The Interview

We sat down with Mizuri to try to get some insight into his art and the thought processes behind it. As soon as we asked, Mizuri was eager to help us out. Here’s what we learned about this artist:

What inspired you to start creating this kind of art?

I’ve always had an interest in art growing up. I would draw in my notebook and sketch superheroes all the time. (they weren’t great XD). The first person who got me into art in general was @zhcomicart, who would upload tutorials on creating really awesome sketches I could learn from. @bosslogic was the second person who really got me inspired for digital art and photomanipulation, as the creations he made were incredible. Always loved superheroes and comicbook characters growing up, and so it was super awesome seeing concepts of what they could look like, and so this inspired me to begin edits and concepts of my own.

Where do you see your work going in the future?

In the future, I hope to see my work to continue being put out there on the internet for people to enjoy and let their imaginations run. I would love to do collaborations with the people I love as well, whether it be a games/movie studio, or specific people.

Do you have a favorite hero?

My favourite superhero has always been Batman, and after that, The Flash. Growing up, Batman was the most badass superhero ever, especially now that we’ve seen so many awesome glimpses of him on the big screen. The Flash is also now one of my faves after seeing @grantgust’s Flash series. His powers are incredible, and its was great to learn more about the character from the show.

Do you have a favorite villain?

My favourite villain would then be Joker. Heath Ledger was outstanding and basically set the bar so high for a live action joker. Ever since I saw the rivalry between the Dark Knight and The Joker, I loved him ever since.

Can you tell us a little about your artistic process?

Before I begin any piece, I start from an idea. This idea eventually becomes a finished piece which I post up online. Throughout the day, I think of ideas that could work and be cool for people to see, and I slowly develop the idea throughout the day. I have a notepad which I jott down all my ideas that pop into my mind. Once I’m on my PC and have opened Photoshop, I usually research and look for inspiration, and gather images I could work with. A lot of my pieces have vibrant colors and tones, which are achieved using brush types of Photoshop (specifically colored brush with overlay, color dodge and linear add). I have a Youtube which shows me making my art in a Speed video.

Do you take donations or do commissioned pieces?

At the moment, Commissions are closed, since I’m currently focusing on schooling. However, usually, I use PayPal ([email protected]) when I work with other people in bringing to life their ideas.

We are excited to see what Mizuri’s clever imagination comes up with next. Look for more of Mizuri’s magical pop culture photo manipulations all month on ScreenHub Entertainment’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on our Instagram stories.

Follow Mizuri on Facebook @Mizuri and on Twitter and Instagram @MizuriOfficial

Do you have a favorite artist you’d like to be a future ScreenHub Artist of the Month? Let us know!

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