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The Future of Wolverine

To say that there has been some speculation on who will take up the mantle of the mutant known as The Wolverine would be an understatement. It seems like every few days someone comes out with a new article pushing for some new actor who might possibly meet the extremely high bar that Hugh Jackman has set for the Marvel character. While a number of quality candidates have been suggested, all fully capable of extreme levels of unshaven angst, one suggestion does seem to stand out. Talanted artist, and friend of ScreenHub Entertainment, Mizuri has created a rendering of what one talented actor might look like as Wolverine.


Enter: Richard Armitage

The actor in question is Richard Armitage, and he has the unique advantage of already being cast as the rogue mutant Logan! Okay, you can sit down, there is no sign that Wolverine will be gracing the sets of the MCU anytime soon. Marvel has, however, lain the groundwork for a new universe of media in the form of an exquisite narrative form podcast series. Though some have questioned weather he is simply too tall for the character (Logan in the comics stands at roughly 5’4”), once you listen to Wolverine: The Long Night, or the follow-up Wolverine: The Lost Trail, it is easy to see why people gravitate towards Armitage for the role of the adimantium rogue.

Credit: Marvel

The Sad Truth

It seems that we may never get to see this seasoned actor dawn the shiny claws on the big screen. Disney and Marvel have shown no signs of introducing their recently regained X-Men characters any time soon. In addition, Richard Armitage himself seems to have responded favorably to a tweet questioning his physical ability to portray Wolverine in a live action film, though he did so with a signature British wit and charm. With a single “yup…” our hopes were dashed.


I mean, he would be awesome; but it is just too physical a role. The man is 48 years old, his body can’t take bulking up and slimming down, bulking up and slimming down.


Yup…although I did once win an award at the @TheRSC for ‘most unnaturaly fast beard growth’…..(not an official award…just a 🤡 between mates) 🤣

Richard Armitage
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For the record we at ScreenHub Entertainment believe that Mr. Armitage had the skill and determination to adapt to any role, even a semi immortal Canadian mutant. Richard Armitage is set to star in the Netflix adaptation of The Stranger, currently in production. ScreenHub Entertainment has reached out to Richard for clarification on his feelings. We are awaiting a response.

Who would you like to see Richard Armitage play in the future MCU?

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