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Update: With multiple leaks and a colorful new trailer, we now know a bit more about the upcoming Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder. However, even with the revelation that the big bad is to be Gorr: The God Butcher and not Mangog, there are more than a few moments from the comics that would be delightful to see. Taika Waititi, we still hope you’re listening.
Deep within the hallowed halls of San Diego Comic-Con, in the year 2019, the honorable director Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) took the stage and bestowed the greatest of honors. A woman, whom many Marvel fans may have forgotten about, was deemed worthy of wielding the mighty Mjolnir. The world was awestruck.

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Actress Natalie Portman has played the character Jane Foster in the MCU almost since the beginning, but the character had her last major appearance back in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. Since then she has been referenced in films like Thor: Ragnarok and even filmed a bit of new footage for Avengers Endgame (which wound up on the cutting room floor). So when Taika Waititi knelt upon the stage and handed Natalie Portman a hammer larger than her head, it was unexpected, to say the least.
Given the general absence of Jane Foster from the MCU as of late, it is difficult to know what to expect from Thor: Love and Thunder. Luckily there is somewhere we, and Mr. Waititi can look for inspiration. These are some of Jane Foster’s best plot points and moments as The Mighty Thor. We can only hope they will be included.

Be warned, should Thor: Love and Thunder choose to take this route, potential spoilers may lay ahead.

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Jane Foster vs Cancer

It’s always great to start things out on a high note. So, of course, this chapter of Jane Foster’s story begins with a degenerative, and most probably terminal cancer diagnosis. As the arc goes on, and her illness progresses, it is used as a way to show the stubbornness of us mere mortals and to contrast a frail human and a powerful goddess. It is also used to bring Jane and Thor Odinson closer together.

Credit: Marvel Comics

It might be a stretch to imagine something so dire fitting in with Taika Waititi’s directorial style. Let’s face it, his handling of the death of Odin in Thor: Ragnarok was campy at best. However, it would be the perfect way to explain her absence from the larger MCU. As her cancer progressed she might have distanced herself from Thor to save him from the pain and, as it is used in the comics, it could be the thing that brings them back together.

Calm Thine Tits

The internet is filled with endless wonders both great and terrible. While navigating the murkier depths of some random comment section you may have had the good fortune of spotting this gem of a reaction meme.

Credit: Marvel Comics

While my research has sadly revealed that the line in the comic (Thor issue #4) differs slightly, the sentiment is the same. It also represents an irreverent attitude that is shown even when Jane Foster is in her Mighty Thor form.

Credit: Marvel Comics

While there is no doubt the director of Thor: Ragnarok and What we do in the Shadows will add his brand of comedy to the mix, it would be great to see a few of these lines slip from the lips of the Goddess of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder.

She’s a Fighter

Anyone can act tough with a suit of armor, magic hammer, lightning powers, and flowing blonde hair that would make a shampoo model drool. It is a bit more impressive to see a frail and cancer weakened human stand up to the likes of, say, Odin Allfather King of the Gods. Jane Foster is that human.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Odin: “So remove this mortal from my sight, or I will do it myself! Most permanently!

Jane Foster: “I’d like to see you try. “

It would be a bit difficult to recreate this exact scene in the MCU given the rather deceased nature of Odin and the decimated status of the Asgardian people following Avengers Infinity War. there are, however, still powerful beings who might not trust Jane Foster at first. A confrontation like this would be a good way to establish that she is a strong character, even without the magical Odinforce to back it up.

Jane Foster vs Mangog

Some have criticized the Marvel movies for becoming somewhat formulaic over the years, but with that predictability comes some reliable moments that can be found in almost every MCU film. One of the most reliable is the showdown. That epic moment when the music swells, the CGI budget goes out the window, and our stalwart hero faces their powerful foe for the last time. Surely Thor: Love and Thunder will be no different.

One of the more likely baddies that Jane Foster could face during her time as The Mighty Thor is known only as Mangog. This malevolent monster, whose name is oddly fun to say, comes from an ancient race of enemies to the Asgardian people. Powered by the pure hatred of a billion-billion beings, Mangog is incredibly strong, defeating Asgard’s finest warriors on more than one occasion, and exists for one single solitary reason. He lives only to grind the Gods of Asgard into dust.

In issue #705 of The Mighty Thor, Mangog engaged in another assault on the world of Asgard. Just when the hate beast’s latest campaign seemed to be going swimmingly, Thor Odinson and his ilk on their heels and the world of Asgard hurling towards a sun, a cancer-ridden Jane Foster rose to stand in his way. Ignoring the mystical advice of both Odin and Dr. Strange Foster wielded the hammer Mjolnir and became The Mighty Thor.

Even with the power of thunder on her side, The Mighty Thor proved not quite a match for hatred incarnate. In those final moments, as all seemed lost for brave Jane Foster, she stood and delivered words that, Odin willing, will make it into Thor: Love and Thunder unaltered.

Credit: Marvel Comics

“In the end… It was not a GOD. ‘Twas a mortal. Named Jane. A woman who gave up everything to stop you. Remember THAT.”

Of course, it is a complete guess whether any of these moments of awesomeness will ultimately make it into Thor: Love and Thunder. Given the success of Thor: Ragnarok it is easy to imagine Marvel giving Taika Waititi mostly free reign. With that kind of artistic freedom, it would be great to see him slip a few of these moments onto the final cut. What do you say Taika, are you game?

Assistance on this piece was provided by a friend of the site James. Check out his artwork on Instagram here

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